BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance

Posted by: , November 26, 2009 in 12:41 pm

Babybjorn Babysitter Balance Chair BabyBjorn Babysitter BalanceThe Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance Chair might be the best looking bouncy chair I have EVER seen!

It is the most appealing shade of khaki around with a walnut brown trim that looks nice in every room of any house. On top of it all, IT’S ORGANIC, mommies! (all the more reason to put this hip and trendy piece of baby furniture on your registry).

I love the fact that the ‘babysitter’ is easy to fold and bring with you, and it has 3 positions – play, rest and SLEEP!! (Any baby gear that allows my son to sleep in it gets my approval – manufacturers are always writing ‘not intended for sleep’ as a disclaimer, aren’t they?).

Although he hasn’t (slept) yet, I haven’t seen a chair that encourages sleep and looks so darn handsome (like my little fella)! We all know that it really isn’t just about looks. It is soft and easy to slide a baby in without fussing with clasps. It has attractive buttons on the sides and the support belt is high enough that babies cannot skootch out or tilt over. The Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance Chair moves well, smooth and not jerky and overall my baby can bounce in it for long periods of time (thank you to the Bjorn family!).

My only advice would be to keep the cheap, neon bouncy from your last kid in the attic collecting dust…it’s not comfy enough, it’s not organic enough, and it certainly isn’t good-looking enough!

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