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tiny printsThere aren’t many gifts I can remember getting as a child.  I would hardly say I was deprived, but my parents were of the mentality that a gift given any time of year could be a birthday gift if they declared it one before bestowing it upon me.  So it is with great fondness that I remember a gift given to me by my best friend’s mother upon graduation from high school.  She was an elegant woman, thin, tanned, smiling and a gourmet chef to boot.  I recall her quick “Congratulations dear” after the processional and her unceremoniously handing me a small box.  I assumed it was a book but it was something much more precious – my own, personalized stationary.

Beautiful, thick, ivory white paper stock with my name embossed across the top in whimsical, navy type.  I must have run my fingers along my name feeling the rough, lacquered print hundreds of times.  For years I saved the stationary, using it only on the most special occasions – I had no idea you could order more.  Thus began my love affair with personalized stationary.

This year, for my daughter’s first birthday, two people gifted her personalized stationary.  I was shocked.  I had to wait 17 years to get my own stationary and here she was, not even 17 months old and already her name printed and ready to go.  It really was adorable.

Don’t let the name fool you.  This website is one-stop shopping for all your print and stationary needs.  Looking for holiday invitations?  Birth announcements?  Photo cards?   How about a little something for yourself?  Look no further.  Tiny Print’s endless options for creating just the photo book or paper portrait that you had in mind are convenient and easy to use.  Their thank you cards are unique and their party invitations festive.  I am particularly drawn to some of their more sophisticated designs for the adult personalized stationary which have a lovely retro-modern flavor that works well with the selected patterns and colors on paper.  This company is professional and helpful and the orders go out immediately.  There are literally thousands of options to choose from but the site is surprisingly easy to navigate.  I’m looking forward to having my next baby just so I can send out some of the Tummy Love Thank You cards with a pregnant woman artfully silhouetted against a soft, pastel, pink or blue background.  Do I really look that lovely with a large round belly?!  Let me live my illusions…

Milk and Cookies

For those on the hunt for lovely, unique, high-quality, reasonably-priced stationary I must recommend Melissa Riataco’s designs at  Her work is simple, colorful, and geared specifically towards children.  She makes everything from Recycled Gift Tags to bookmarks, from 8’ x 10’ prints to personalized stationary.  These designs are clean and sweet and the options for choosing your own designs, colors, and patterns are seemingly endless.  I was impressed with the quality of the paper stock and the vibrancy and clarity of the print.  Now, my daughter LOVES dogs.  I mean she cannot get enough of them.  So it is no shock to me that even at this young age she seems uncontrollably drawn to the Milk and Cookies card with her name across the top and a lovely little dog silhouetted on the bottom.  What little girl wouldn’t love that?  Some other personal favorites have colorful icons of wood animals, cherries, hostess cupcakes and children playing.  The site is a must-see for anyone with a little one in need of something special.

Lupa and Pepi

Lupa and Pepi’s stationary caught my eye immediately.  Adorable, chic, colorful and fun – perfect for my little one.  Not only can I wholeheartedly recommend checking out their stationary for kids, but this company also has two new lines of products that may be of interest to you.  The first are a series of greeting cards – sweet/tart on the outside, blank on the inside.  These cards are hilarious and fun with just enough sardonic humor to keep them from being nauseatingly saccharine.  I wanted to thank my friend for having a bunch of us over the other day and I whipped out these cards hoping to find an appropriate thank you note – I settled on “Your crib is where it’s at” and scribbled a little thanks inside.  In truth, the cards are versatile and modern and can be used interchangeably for a number of purposes.  “When you walked, I drooled.”  Is another favorite of mine and I plan on sending it off to my friend’s son who just graduated from cruiser to strutter.  They are sold as a 10 card set with five different slogans and images.

Lupa and Pepi also recently put out an innovative line of baby-business cards.  These cards are useful for play-dates and meet-ups.  Your child’s full name is printed across the front and it says “Shelley’s daughter” (replace your name with mine!) to easily jog the memory of a tired mom who suddenly can’t remember whose child is in their living room.  It also has a place for all your contact information to be printed, which I find incredibly useful for anyone parent having little visitors at their home.  On the back of the card is a place for the engagement details – when, where, who, etc.  These cards are good for gifts, good for other parents and good for you!

Tell us your most imperfect parenting moment for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Tiny Prints, a Lulu and Pepi stationary/ baby business card set and set of greeting cards and personalized stationary from Milk and Cookies.

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