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PaperFashionsFancy 1 Klutz Activity BooksKlutz Paper Fashions Fancy

‘You look mahvelous dahling ‘…is what you’ll be saying while you play and design with your daughter (or while she designs with her friends or by herself)!  This is a totally creative, incredibly fun, truly thought out activity book. Your mini fashionista (and her fine motor skills) will be occupied for hours. I love this book because it packs in so much and yet is so compact. It comes with tons of stencils (which teach you the names of different types of styles – in case you were unsure of the difference between a ‘blouson’ or a ‘puff sleeve’ shirt), oodles of paper fabrics, glue, jewels and ribbon (for finishing touches) and even tiny hangers for the final masterpieces. It is such a pretty book too, with sample ideas for fancy creations. And, best of all, it reminds you (and your impressionable 8 year old) to ‘dress for yourself, not others,’ etc. and other awesome quotes from famous designers. I’m not embarrassed to admit (ok maybe just a little), I had so much fun making paper fashions, I had vivid daydreams of becoming a real fashion designer
(Project Runway, here I come)! Until then, I will stick to Paper Fashions Fancy (and laundering not such fancy clothing), because you can do this over and over again. And, did I mention it’s really fun?! $21.95

bristlebots Klutz Activity BooksKlutz Invasion of the Bristlebots

The Invasion of the Bristle Bots feels a lot like my life….2 motorized, energy-packed aliens, zooming all around my house, bumping into one another and scaring the diaper off the baby! However, like my two girls, this book/toy is serious fun. It is part art project, part science experiment, part mechanical creation, and all imagination. This project engaged us for about an hour and a half!  The favorites were setting up the mazes for the bots to run through and making the ‘spideroid’ (though, we were actually afraid of it)! I think meeting the ‘bots’ (short for alien robots), gets you wondering… Is there alien life on other planets????? Well, even if there isn’t, I have my own aliens here on Earth and a great new game when I want to pretend.  Invasion of the Bristlebots won the Toy of the Year award in Family Fun Magazine this year.  It makes sense to me. $19.95


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