Being a Fab, Fit, Put Together Mom…or Whatever

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sexandthesippy 14 Being a Fab, Fit, Put Together Mom...or Whatever*To all of my lovely readers (I like pretending I have a whole flock of fans) please forgive the delay in writing!

I love browsing celebrity mom websites. The pages are full of photos of pretty, slim, fashionable moms who run businesses, act in movies, appear on Conan er, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and still have time to be caught by the paparazzi looking oh so casual chic (not to be confused with just plain “casual”) at the park with their kids.

How do they do it? I know an assistant, nanny, housekeeper, and a few thousand dollars to spend on highlights a month doesn’t hurt but something in me can’t help but wonder if these moms look better because they *are *better.

Deep down I know this isn’t true. They’ve probably been slapped in the face by their toddler, missed a shower or two, and served their kids chocolate banana pancakes in lieu of an actual meal just like me but then why do I feel mommy envy?

I really wouldn’t switch lives with a celeb mom. The idea of being photo-stalked from the moment I leave my home to when I return is appalling especially considering some of my recent outfit choices (it’s not my fault,

I’m still in between maternity and regular clothes). What I would love about being a famous mom is the movie star treatment every now and then. It’d be nice to go to the grocery store and have people falling over themselves to help me. Okay I know this doesn’t happen to anyone besides Britney Spears and maybe the late Princess Diana but a girl can dream can’t she?

Waking up to a makeup artist and hairstylist armed and ready to make me a yummy mummy wouldn’t be so bad either. And then there would be the full time-live-in-my-pool-house French nanny (not too hot) to hold my baby and play with my three year old while I primped. I’d also like to spend an entire day shopping like it’s my job. Lunch at Spago. Afternoon getting a pedicure, followed by a massage. Before dinner I’d ask Marie Anne (the nanny) to fetch the children and bring them to the park where we’d play for a few minutes. The photographers would snap away as I threw my well-rested head back in laughter, taking utter delight in my precious spawn. Musn’t play for too long though, my flight for Milan leaves in the morning. I’d love to take the kids but the cabin pressure really isn’t good for the little ones.

On second thought, maybe I’d better start going to some casting calls…More soon.

xoxo SATS


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