Summer Infant Step-by-Step Potty Trainer & Step Stool

Posted by: , February 19, 2010 in 1:33 am

summer infant pottyShit happens. Sometime it happens all over me.  I was in the parking lot of a Target recently when I smelled something foul.  It was very close to me.  I looked down at my smiling angel and knew immediately from whence it came.  By the time I figured it all out I was literally covered in it.  My daughter and I both changed clothes in the car.

Would the day ever come when diaper duty would come to an end and I could breathe easy once again?  Not a moment too soon my daughter began alerting me when she was going to the bathroom and I knew potty training was the next logical step.

Summer Infant makes a new Step-by-Step Potty Trainer & Step Stool and my daughter took to it immediately.  She was happy to have something to sit on in the bathroom that was all her own.

Without boring you with all the gory details I will let you know the three steps that the Summer Infant Step-by-Step Potty Trainer & Step Stool has for the comfort of your little one.  Step 1:  Potty trainer with soft seat for added comfort.  Built-in toilet tissue and flushable wipes holder encourage positive grown-up behavior modeling.  Step 2:  Toilet topper for standard sized toilet use and step stool for easy access.  Step 3:  Second step stool for reaching the sink and promoting healthy habits.

I found the instruction manual surprisingly helpful in learning the appropriate time to introduce my daughter to the potty and to begin her training.  I won’t say we are diaper-free at the moment but I like to think we are headed in that direction.  For now it’s nice to know there is a light at the end of the diaper-changing tunnel.


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