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Posted by: , February 27, 2010 in 11:26 am

swagbag Swag Bag‘Got my eyes on a hot new diaper bag!’  Well, that’s not something you hear every day.  But the new Swag Bag from JJ Cole is where diaper bag function FINALLY meets ‘I’ve-still -got-style’-fashion!

It’s so adorably chic that I tend to tote it out even when not toting my baby!  Since when can a diaper bag be so trendy?  In the past, I’ve always had to carry TWO bags- a nice handbag and a ‘diapery’ diaper bag.  Then, I would leave the car with one (forgetting either diapers, or my wallet depending upon which bagged I grabbed).   Or, even more annoying, sometimes I took both.

Now, I’m good with just my Swag Bag (and the baby…don’t forget him or her…new moms have done that you know)?!   And, it isn’t pepto-pink, or I’m-a-boy-blue either.  It’s a really nice smooth silver (faux leather, thankfully) complemented with a black and cream, almost retro pattern that looks good with whatever you’ve got on.  Note: You may even be inspired to wear some cuter sweats with this bag…but that’s just me!

It is water and spit resistant and environmentally friendly (pvc and phthalate free).  It comes complete with a wallet, a changing pad, adjustable straps, and great compartments for all those baby needs.  All the pockets are wide, deep and easily accessible.  It also has grip stroller attachments which comes in really handy when you’ve filled up the storage space underneath your stroller and there’s nowhere to put your bag.

But, again, I love it because it’s just a cool, hobo-type handbag that got redesigned for moms like us…you know…one’s who used to carry a decent bag.   I’m not embarrassed to say it, but I am actually looking forward to my little guy’s next dirty diaper.  The Swag Bag might start a movement…towards better new mom style!  And at $89.95, making a statement was never so affordable. Happy diapering!

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