Replies to Those Who Ask “When Are You Having Another One?”

Posted by: , March 1, 2010 in 11:05 am

crying baby doll Replies to Those Who Ask When Are You Having Another One?1. “As soon as you pay for one.”

2. ” As soon as you come over at 3 am every night to play “hide and seek” and “I am thirsty” with my now 2 kids.

3. “As soon as my first one can make herself and me a decent sandwich.”

4. “As soon as I decide that “ME” time is just not for me.”

5. “As soon as I block out that tiny thing called “labor” out of my forever traumatized head”.

6. “As soon as I figure out how to breastfeed an infant while chasing a toddler.”

7. “As soon as I lose those last 94 pounds from my first pregnancy”

8. “As soon as all the New York subways have elevators that don’t smell like piss to take me up to the street with my tank of a stroller”

9. ” As soon as I figure out where to put a second crib in my luxurious 5 square feet shoe box of an apartment”

10. “As soon as I am alone with my husband long enough to make one”.

I am forever humbled and amazed by all of you who raise more than one kid.


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