Memoirs of a Boxy Brown Sweater

Posted by: , March 19, 2010 in 10:35 am

sweaters Memoirs of a Boxy Brown SweaterI have a brown v-neck sweater that does absolutely nothing for me. Brown was never really my color, and the sweater is quite shapeless, making me look like more of a box than a woman. It was a holiday gift from a couple of years ago, and I never got around to returning it. It has since cycled its way into my weekly work wardrobe. And when I wear it, I feel exactly as I would expect: boring, insignificant, and plain. Lately, it has been serving its purpose well.

There’s a reason it’s been dusted off and is now an office sweater regular. I feel boring, insignificant and plain. To clarify, I do not believe I’m in a full-blown depression. I’m just in…a rut. I am not a natural fashionista, mind you, but I’ve been better than this. You know those wardrobe makeover shows on TV? I used to consider them only mildly entertaining, and now I’m beginning to actually see the point. Clothing presents a picture about who we are and how we see ourselves. While I don’t want to present something I’m not, I need to be honest with myself about what I’m actually doing. If my current state mind is represented in my boxy, boring, brown sweater, then there’s something wrong with this picture.

So last night I folded it up neatly, thanked it for serving its purpose and placed it in the back of my closet. Why? Because I want to wake up, get dressed and be proud of what I’m wearing. I am no longer interested in laying low and sulking in a corner. Baby is coming out of this corner! Why shouldn’t I feel the absolute best about how I look? I know I’m going to get tons of curve balls thrown my way on a daily basis, that’s a guarantee I can take to the bank. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll handle them with more confidence, grace and power in my stylish, red sweater than I would in my boxy brown one.

Now I know what you’re thinking, does a sweater really have that much influence? Can it really make a difference? Amy, aren’t you being a little ridiculous? The answer is simply this: sweaters have as much power and influence as I choose to give them. It means exactly what I make it mean. And, if I can be a stronger version of myself in my red sweater than I can in my brown one, then so be it. I’m OK with that. Even better than OK — I’m stylin’!


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