Pacify Me: A Handbook for the Freaked-Out New Dad

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pacifyme Pacify Me: A Handbook for the Freaked Out New DadPacify Me is a hilarious book that sometimes made me pee in my diaper…I mean pants.  Becoming a first time father makes most men a tad nervous.  Chris Mancini, a real, down to earth – not to mention hysterically funny comedian and dad, tells it like it is!  And, he tells it in a lighthearted, relaxed, REAL voice that made me tear through the book smiling and relating.  And honestly, it helped me chill the f out a little (which I totally needed, by the way).

Pacify Me, addressed my fears, which by the way are similar to your wife’s fears, but also well, different.  He talks about fears of losing your old life (which you do), and ways to keep yourself, your marriage and even your sex life intact (which you can).  Sometimes he speaks in an opinionated voice, but he doesn’t apologize about it either (He is a vaccinator, hates the Wiggles, is against co-sleeping and TV for the first year – among other things).

Can’t say I agree with the TV thing.  Those baby videos allowed my wife to take showers.  And my wife’s hygiene is something that I support. I do agree with hating the Wiggles.  But I digress.

My favorite thing about this book is not the wittiness and intelligent humor, or the male-to-male kind of speak, it was the way he told it exactly like it is – like it’s gonna be, but then  showed how he got through it…sometimes gracefully, sometimes not.  Chris wants you to learn from his wisdom…and I did.

Oftentimes women talk too much, and sometimes they don’t share enough (like what really happens during labor).  Chris finds the right balance of sharing, humor and not talking down to you – which, well you know, we get our share of.

This book was like my wife’s prenatal yoga class…afterwards I felt less anxious.  I felt I had people going through exactly the same thing as me, and that was very Namaste, you know?  My wife has piles and piles of baby books.  It’s nice to have one just for me.   I even caught my wife reading it and smiling.  Thanks Chris, but I gotta go, being a Daddy is demanding…but definitely the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me.

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