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Posted by: , April 15, 2010 in 10:10 am

ISeeMe I See Me! BooksI first became acquainted with this awesome line of books when my best friend sent my daughter one for her first birthday.  It has been my go-to gift ever since.  I am a total sucker for personalized gifts – be they placemats, lunch boxes, or in this case, storybooks.

I See Me makes personalized storybooks so every child knows in their heart that this is a special gift just for them.  Their recent addition “Who Loves Jacob?” (replace Jacob’s name with the name of a child in your life) is a great way to reinforce the special relationship between your child and all the people who love them.  There are six spreads where you can input the name of loved ones in your child’s life – such as Grandma Jo and Grandpa Sam (that would be one spread).  The book is beautifully illustrated and imaginatively poetic.

Across the board these books are classy gifts and anyone would love to get one.  The quality is outstanding and it is always so nice to see your name in print.  There are a number of options for different personalized books and the company is kind and organized enough to let you know if you are ordering a book for a child who has already gotten that exact gift.  The books are keepsakes as well and the gift-giver’s name is printed in the dedication that opens each book so your little friend will always know just who it was that thought so highly of them.


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