Mutsy Grow-up Booster Seat

Posted by: , April 20, 2010 in 1:48 pm

musty Mutsy Grow up Booster SeatMy little girl is not so little anymore.  She is taller than most of her tiny cohorts and has recently become interested in more adult things – mostly sitting at the table to dine with the big people.  I have to say I was pleased the first time she climbed up onto the big-person chair and sat awaiting her meal.  I was less excited when she fell out the back and landed on the floor with a disheartening wail.  The thought of a booster seat had never entered my head but suddenly it seemed an unavoidable accoutrement.

The Mutsy Grow-up is stylish and practical.  It looks cool and vaguely space-age which appeals to me.  And apparently my daughter likes it because she eats all her meals in it now and insists on strapping her favorite stuffed animal in to “eat” when she is not using it herself.  The company that makes the Mutsy Grow-up seats has been making strollers for more than seven decades and they have now turned their expertise towards the highchair and booster seat arena.

The Mutsy has a flexible seat reducer with a base that allows your child to sit comfortably next to mom and dad.  The five point safety harness will let the whole family relax during the meal knowing your baby is secure by your side.  The six colors offered are mandarin orange, aqua, raspberry, blueberry, apple and nut and each one is a modern addition to your home.

If you are looking for a light-weight, durable and attractive booster seat to add to your dining room chair or take along to grandma’s house the Mutsy Grow-up may be just what fits the bill.


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