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ServiceLive - Home Improvement and Repairs, Hire a Service Provider OnlineIt seems like our house is in constant need of work.  Whether it’s the leaking faucet, shorted circuit, or paint touch ups, one thing is for certain, it’s endless.  And if you’re like me, you have a husband who thinks that he can do it all — and really can’t! A few months ago for instance my husband spent all of Sunday (while I entertained the kids) digging up the broken lamppost in front of our house and rewiring the electric connection.

As the sun began to set, he had replaced the lamppost and had victoriously padded down the dirt surrounding it.  He then confidently walked inside to turn on the lamppost.  He flipped the switch and… it sparked…then nothing happened.  I called an electrician the next day.

I believe in letting the experts handling things.  Getting a job done right the first time goes along way in saving time and frustration.  That’s where ServiceLive comes in.  Created by Sears, ServiceLive is an online marketplace that gives moms a seamless way to hire trusted service professionals.  You can get help with home improvement projects like installing a sprinkler system, painting a nursery, and even assembling a swing set.

I had been eyeing our loose staircase banister for months but I didn’t bring it up to my husband for fear that he would fix it incorrectly.  ServiceLive was the perfect solution.

First I narrowed down the type of work I needed done.  They actually had such detailed categories that I found “Staircase and Railings”.  I gave them the time period I needed it done by and my zipcode.  I was then able to locate a slew of competent handymen within my area.  The site provided important information about each company such as – how many projects they’d done on ServiceLive, how many years they’d been in business, as well as insurance, license and certification information.  They even rated each home improvement professional and gave customer reviews.

A few days later a carpenter was at my door.  Not only did he fix my staircase but he gave me other ideas on work I needed done.  I had spent a total of 20 minutes online setting it all up.  One thing us moms appreciate is time saved – That and our husband being available to help with the kids.   I can’t wait to use ServiceLive again for the broken cabinet in the kitchen, replacing the ceiling fan… (and the list goes on and on).


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