The weather is getting hotter, Mamas are getting cooler!

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Mother’s Day ifamily trees May 9th and did you know spring is one of the common seasons for births? Tis’ the season for Mommy Day gifts and Push Presents (aka the pressie a new dad gives a new mom in honor of the birth day!!) Here are a few accessory recommendations to make the women-of-the-moment feel very special.

1. Family Tree by Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

This unique piece is a family affair. The charm is a tree branch with dangling discs meant to  be hand-stamped with initials on them (think one for mom, one for dad, one child). Comes in 14K gold and 18K gold, polished or matte and you add additional discs as your brood grows. The designer, Jennifer Fisher, a mother of two, designed the line when she had her first born as a way to honor her new so, Drew. The line is a celebrity favorite too, think Naomi Watts and Gwen Stefani. This charm is $600 and you can collect a whole slew of these gorgeous trinkets. Available on

Cristal Row2. Cristal Row Wrist Watch by Swatch Watch

As a parent on the go, a watch is a must! You can’t be late to PTA meetings, soccer practice, or doctor’s appointments. Aaaaand, you need a wardrobe that can transition from day to night, bathtub to dinner date. This watch is perfect. This Black bracelet watch is waterproof and durable but also has delicate crystal accents and can transition to a chic look for a nighttime affair (and black matches everything, right?). So after getting the tots fed, bathed, in bed, you can jump in the shower (watch stays on), slip on a fun evening outfit (watch stays on) and you are all set. See how easy this was!?!?! Plus, this timepiece won’t break the bank at $120. Available on

paloma picasso3.  Paloma Picasso Sunglasses by Retrosun

Sunglasses are a busy mom’s best friend. Frankly, every woman should own a pair of sexy, durable, no fuss shades. This Paloma Picasso style is a great play on the “Ray Ban Wayfarer” trend with a grown up and unique edge. They are authentically vintage and come in three rich colors (Navy, Onyx, Butter). They have a retro–glam appeal while also remaining impervious. They hold up extremely well to exploration by little hands and the occasional “teeth hold” when your hands are needed for, well, mom things.

When lack of sleep has your eyes red and uncomfortable or you ran out of the house without those necessary swipes of mascara, slipping on a pair of these sun cheaters is a quick way to go just a bit incognito. Stylish enough for a weekend wedding, yet understated enough to slip on with jeans and Tee. Find all three colors at for $220. (There are 94 days in summer, wear them every day and your looking at about $2 a day!)

parlor hat4. Parlor Hat by Brixton

Bathing suits packed? Check! Sunscreen packed? Check! Fabulous Straw Hat packed? Now it will be! This darling cloche meets bucket style head topper is perfect for a mom-on-the-go! Hides uncombed hair (and the occasional Cheerio) and completes a simple summer bib-and-tucker in a flash! All gals look chic in a tight straw weave and this one is accented with a smooth black band. Fancy yourself a Jackie-O or an Isabelle Blow? Try this lid on for size. Retails for $40 on

mama necklace5. Mama Necklace by Tali Gillette – Diamonds truly are a woman’s best friend! Especially when the diamonds spell out one of the most important words a mother will ever hear, “Mama”. Made very popular a few years ago by rockstar wife and doting celebrity mom, Gwyneth Paltrow, this jewelry line keeps growing and the pieces are ever evolving…. but all of you loyal Tali Gillette fans need not worry, Tali will continue creating the signature circle pendant that put the “Mama” necklace on the map! The “all diamond” style is $1995. She also makes a versions in white, yellow, and rose gold.  Check them out at


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