What Have You Done For You Lately

Posted by: , June 3, 2010 in 12:15 pm

sexandthesippy 16 What Have You Done For You LatelyAn orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.
Mae West

Do you have a vibrator? I’m just wondering. It’s a not-so-secret fantasy of mine to work for one of those home party sex toy companies with hot pink and, black logos. I’d have a large leopard print bag of tricks that, over champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, I’d wow moms with. I’d be queen of the gadgets, gizmos, costumes, creams, and magic sprays.

I’ve never met a sex shop I didn’t like and on a recent vacation I spotted the cutest little thing: a bullet vibrator shaped like a tube of lipstick!  It was so realistic (and on sale) that I had to have it. This would make my 3rd or 4th vibrator. Possibly 5th. It’s hard to keep track. I’m a firm believer that whether you’re having regular sex or not, a woman, especially the mom-type of woman, should have regular orgasms.

Life is so insane with children: meals to make, clean up after, laundry to do, tantrums to deal with, work to half-ass- it only makes sense that 5-15 minutes a day get spent on pure pleasure. Why not?

Moms these days are happiness starved. Instead of reaching for that fourth handful of potato chips or zoning out on Desperate Housewives, go get yourself a quality vibrator. Visit a sex shop (not with the kids, that’s weird) and pick out a few things for yourself and for when hubby is around.  Add some picante to your life today. Once you start to see yourself as a sexual being again, chances are you’ll be more available for real sex, the kind that involves naked bodies and all of that jazz.

xoxo SATS.


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