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Young America2Young America is hands-down the first place to look when you are looking to furnish your baby’s nursery.  This company is committed to excellence in every area and it shows in the quality of their products.

Young America first came to my attention when I was looking for a changing table/dresser that would last well past my daughter’s time in diapers. Their furniture seemed far more durable and sturdy than most of the items I looked at by other manufacturers.  The literature from Young America says it is “Built to Last” and I believe it.  Its products are well made with heavy-duty center drawer guides, well mounted tops and sides, durable dust panels between drawers, smooth finishes without any rough spots and drawers that are sanded and sealed.   Young America also offers a number of diverse styles that can be taken from infancy to adulthood without seeming out of place in a room with changing needs.

Young America is a green company committed to the safety of our children and ourselves.  All Young America cribs have been GREENGUARD Certified to ensure the safest environments for our children.  Products which receive the GREENGUARD Children and SchoolsSM certified mark have been independently tested and meet the most rigorous chemical emissions standards in the world.  But Young America’s concern with addressing our environmental challenges does not stop there.  Their factories are committed to improving the quality of the air that we breathe.  They are working to reduce the amount of materials they use to package their products – improving quality and performance while reducing costs and waste. Also, by recovering and re-using solvent material Young America reduces the amount of hazardous waste created in their manufacturing processes.  If you are committed to working towards a greener world, buying Young America products is one way to put your money where your mouth is.

Young America furniture is made in America by the Stanley Furniture Company.  This 85-year old manufacturer works with associates in Virginia and North Carolina to bring the highest quality products to consumers.  Their care for safety, style and quality is unparalleled.

Most companies that I looked at offered furniture in two, maybe three color options.  Young America offers its furniture in 57 different colors and 8 different finishes!  If the designer in you is longing for an outlet this is the place to begin.  What is particularly nice is the opportunity to add a fun accent piece to an otherwise conservative room.  You may not want every piece in the nursery to be aqua blue but it might look striking on a bookcase from the Myhaven collection.

young americaFor our Dream Nursery we opted for an All Seasons 7-drawer dresser and changing station in the Starlight finish.  It was the perfect compliment to our Delta crib, and our Pottery Barn chandelier.  We were interested in creating a serene environment for an infant to sleep, play and thrive.  Between our confidence in Young America’s rigid safety standards, its awareness of – and care to avoid – environmental hazards, and its stylish, durable qualities, it is the best place to begin building your own dream nursery at home.


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