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DadGear DadGear Courier Bags Dad Gear.  Cool name.  Cool company.  Cool clothes and bags.  There was a time when I felt a bit guilty that I got to carry a cute flowery diaper bag that fit all my baby paraphernalia in it while my husband had to carry – well, the same thing.  That time has passed because Scott Shoemaker and John Brosseau have taken it into their own hands to create masculine, high-quality Dad Gear that not only fits all your baby needs but also comes with some of its own exceptional accessories to help out with your child.

The focus of the Dad Gear brand is to bring together quality, style and functionality for men.  After all, I’m not the only one carting Eliza around town.  Once in a while my husband does actually take her somewhere and it’s nice to know he now has the accoutrements to make his own life easier.

I got him a Dad Gear vest and was thrilled to find that he really was able to stash an ungodly amount of baby-care items into the cleverly concealed pockets.  Some of the features of this fabulous vest include two zippered chest pockets that hold wipes and a cell phone or i-pod with headphone access as well as two large interior pockets for diapers or a change of clothes.  Two bottle pockets on either side that can lie flat when not in use.  It also comes with a slim-design changing pad included and tucks discreetly in a back pocket.  It is made with high quality, comfortable fleece material and durable hardware.  It comes in blue, black and orange and it is a great gift for any man on the go.

Although the Dad Gear brand carries Messenger Bags, Backpacks and Satchels we opted for a traditional Courier Bag in Green Retro Stripe.  It is the epitome of understated cool.  Looks good with anything and never goes out of style.  It is also large and comes with some handy accessories.  There is a quick access wipes window where you can insert the wipes of your choice into a plastic wipes dispenser that comes with the bag.  This allows for quick wipe access in case of emergency.  There are two large interior pockets for diapers, food, toys or what have you as well as two bottle pockets accessible from inside or outside the bag.  There is a stroller strap that attaches to any style of stroller and stows away when not in use.  There is a handy changing pad included with the bag that has its own zippered pocket to prevent cross contamination.

We all know what makes our man look his best.  The Dad Gear line is the first place I will now look for new, casual, practical clothes and bags at completely reasonable prices.  One-stop shopping for cool, functional, quality items.

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