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SmartMomnecklace Teething BlingJust when you think there is nothing new and innovative to invent…along comes a ‘smart mom’ to create something fabulous!   Smart Mom (great name by the way) created ”Teething Bling” (great name by the way) for the little sucker to suck on.  It’s AWESOME!

We all know how teething babies are not only curious but love to put everything and anything they can get their hands on into their mouths.  That’s why I stopped wearing all of my jewelry…because frankly, who knows what it’s made of!  Teething Bling is perfect  – it’s pretty and practical!

True story – today, my friend who shops in all the trendiest boutiques, knows all the brands and designers, and always looks fantastic, was loving my bling – and was envious of my bling bangle and necklace! Ha!  But the biggest (most important) fan was Cameron – my most delicious 11 month old boy, on a serous biting frenzy (hello, those gums are strong)! Best of all, I am not at all worried about the diamond coming loose, or the chain breaking, and I really, really like this jewelry!

These are non-toxic, BPA, PVC, lead, and all bad things FREE!  It looks like a stone – but it is a the same material as an infant spoon.  And it comes in SO many colors and designs.  I gotta tell you, I was wishing all day I came up with this idea.  But, even though I did not, I am glad a smart mom (that’s just redundant isn’t it?) did!  Thank you!

My baby was happy teething on my necklace all day. and, when he wasn’t in my arms, and was crying the whole way home from his sister’s gymnastics class, I tried to pass him yogurt melts and cheerios, but that didn’t work.  Then I passed him the bracelet and he teethed quietly all the way home!

So I say,’ don’t bite the hand that feeds you, bite the teething bling’ – and he did!  Nice.  On top of it all, I finally have a new, cool gift for all my mom friends.  Love it!

Visit SmartMom Jewelry to find a store that carries Teething Bling near you!

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