Plastic Surgery Ain’t Just for Strippers Anymore!

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boob Plastic Surgery Ain’t Just for Strippers Anymore! Ever since I was 14 years old and all the other girls in gym class were able to wear “real” bras to my trainers, I wanted boobs. In high school I got made fun of for being flat (and a redhead and for being so short, but that comes with the territory when you have the trifecta of bully magnets.) Some boys would put tissues in my locker, insinuating that I stuff my bra. Not entirely false, as I saved up all my money to buy a wonder bra.

When I was 18, I couldn’t wait to get a breast augmentation. I talked to people about it and was trying to save up money for it, but the doctors said I was too young and could still “grow” into my body. At 19 I got pregnant with baby boy #1. After he was born (the day after my 20th bday), my boobs got insane! I went from a 32 A to a 36.  I loved every minute of it but when the breastfeeding thing didn’t work out, away they went.  Completely. Boooo.

By then, my husband was going into med school. I kept telling him to play nice with the plastics guys and maybe we could get a discount. Yeah, not so much. But I did get my boobs a few months later again. I had baby boy #2 and they went from a 34A to a 34C. Not as dramatic as the last post baby growth, but good enough. I was showing them babies off! I loved how tight my clothes were fitting, and how nicely I filled out everything. Then he stopped breastfeeding at 11 months old and boom. Boobies vanished again. My solution? Try for baby # 3. Seemed to be the only way I was going to get a nice rack.

A few years later, baby boy #3 arrived and the boobies went from 34 A- to a 34 B. Booooo, why are they getting smaller with every kid? Since by now my husband was done with Med School and residency, we agreed that I could look into a boob job. I did my online research, asked friends about their augmentations and started staring at other chicks’ racks, hoping to get an idea of what I wanted. The consensus with everyone was that I should wait until a year after I was done breastfeeding. That year came and I made an appointment with one of the top plastics docs in Denver. I went thinking I would be nervous and not really ready even though I had wanted this for 15 years. My husband came with me and the appointment went beautifully. By the end of the 1.5 hour consultation, I made all the appointments. I was ready!

Now for the hard part, telling the boys what was going on and telling the rest of the family. My mom took it the easiest saying “You’ve wanted this for years! Good for you!” My friends were all excited as well! Now how to tell the boys. Well the 5-year-old and 2-year-old won’t care, but it’s my 11- year-old that I was worried about. How would I tell him “don’t objectify women, but hey, mama’s getting bodacious boobies?” (and a side note, still don’t have the courage to tell my my mother-in-law. LOL)

I started off just saying “I’m having a minor surgery thing on Friday.” He responded with “Surgery?!” Then I had to rethink how I was explaining this. He gets so worried anytime someone goes into the hospital, and with the amount of kids I have, he probably thought I’d be bringing home another.

“I’m getting just a procedure done that lots of moms get to put their body back together when they are done having kids. Lots of moms get it, but I might be sore for a while when I get home.” He seemed fine with that and it wasn’t like I was lying, lots of moms DO get this done.

So now fast forward to my first pre-op appointment. They did a CBC and UA, then we went in to the doc to talk about types of implants (gel vs. saline) sizes, they took photos and more. I tried on “sizers” and based on the end result I wanted, told them the size range and approximate cup size I wanted. DH and I agreed 300 – 350 cc and a C cup. I want to still be able to take the kids to and from their private school without the dads all staring at my chest, but also wanted them big enough that my husband and I can “enjoy” them.  Plus we are going to a couple of beachy vacation spots this summer and I wanted to rock a bikini instead of trying to figure out a way to stuff one. We left the appointment with a list of instructions, pamphlets and websites. Our doc told us to go to a couple different websites and print some before/after shots that I thought were proportionate to what I wanted. (Not gonna lie, I think my husband REALLY liked that research.)

A week before, I was filled up on prescriptions, pain killers, homeopathic pill to help with swelling, celebrex, antibiotics and more. I felt like my own personal pharmacy! I had to avoid alcohol and Mortin and a 2 page list of other things. Giving up my wine about killed me.

Okay, so now it’s the day of the surgery. I wasn’t nervous at all, well not until after we checked in and they made us wait 30 min. But by the time they took me back, I was way more excited than nervous. They took vitals, asked me a bunch of questions that I had answered 50 times already, and off they wheeled me to the OR. I remember them having me switch beds and then the next thing I remember was having someone tell me to wake up. I wanted to yell “5 more minutes mom!”

Once I was awake I felt fine, like I could go about my normal cleaning and shopping and such. The doc and nurses told me to take it easy, I’d be feeling it later.

Besides the painful task of getting in and out of bed, I feel great! After 2 c-sections this was a breeze! I kept peeking under the blanket to catch a glimpse. I also checked to see if maybe they decided to give me a tummy tuck while I was already knocked out. No such luck.

If you are a mom, done with kids, and ready to feel like a woman again, not just a milking cow, I highly advise this. It was so easy and the girls look great!  TaTa’s for now. (Hee hee-I know, bad pun. That’s the vicodin talking.)


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  1. sabrinarose83 on October 11th, 2010 9:11 am

    I very much appreciate this post. After two babies and getting down to a negative A cup, I am getting a breast aug on Friday. I’m am sooo nervous and freaking out! Its something i’ve wanted all my life and its finally here. I have this nagging thought that i’m being a bad mom for doing this and spending the money on it. I work very hard as a nurse and have been saving for a year. How are you now? How is your family reacting to it?

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