BabyBjorn Comfort Carrier and Sun Cover

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Baby Bjorn Sun Cover Baby Carrier - Free ShippingBabyBjorn is a stand-out company and I never tire of seeing the new products they introduce to make parents’ lives a little easier.  The latest in their long line of baby carriers is the Comfort Carrier, which is specifically designed to carry bigger, older children without breaking mama’s back.

The Comfort Carrier has a padded waist belt and adjustable shoulder straps so that baby’s weight is evenly distributed onto your hips and shoulders.  For those who believe in “attachment parenting” and for those who are interested in maintaining as much physical contact with your little one as possible, this is truly an indispensable item.  It will allow you to carry your baby while still having your hands free to do… well… whatever needs doing.

As with all BabyBjorn carriers you can face your child inwards or outwards depending on age, size and personal preference (both yours and your baby’s!).   The Comfort Carrier was designed in close collaboration with pediatricians, parents and children.  It is appropriate for kids up to 2 years old weighing 13 to 31 pounds.

Baby Bjorn Comfort CarrierThe BabyBjorn Comfort Carrier is made with 100% organically grown cotton.  Both the bib and the carrier are free from health-hazardous substances and the entire carrier can be thrown in the washing machine when the need arises.

If all of this appeals to you – don’t stop there.  BabyBjorn has just come out with a Sun Cover that is suitable for use with all of their carriers.  I know a number of dedicated hikers that will find this accessory particularly useful.  If you are someone who braves the great outdoors regardless of 110 degree weather and blazing sunshine you might want to consider picking up a Sun Cover for your baby carrier before toting your little one along with you.  Even if you are just running some errands, this is he perfect accessory for keeping your baby safe from the sun.  This is particularly good for young babies since most pediatricians do not recommend using sunscreen on little ones before they turn six months old.

As a resident of Los Angeles – perhaps the most relentlessly sunny city in our nation – I have found this a useful accessory for my carrier.  I was able to use it with my infant facing in (although it can be used with your child facing out as well).  The cover has a detachable sun hat and your child can be lifted in and out of the carrier without removing it.  The sun cover is UPF40 and keeps baby carefully shaded.  Once again, BabyBjorn has thought of everything.  To check out more of BabyBjorn’s amazing products visit their website.


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