Do it Yourself Car Repairs

Posted by: , July 20, 2010 in 11:22 am

kid driving carOkay, so most of us have had to take our cars into the dealership for repairs at some point. Usually, these are small repairs that a trained professional can perform in short order.  However, when at the dealership, They want you to “Drop it off in the morning and we’ll call you when it’s ready.”This doesn’t work for me. Trying to get back home with 5 kids and no car looks like a refugee migration.  The Red Cross even showed up once.

So, as any veteran Mom would do, I have come up with a game plan for the dealership that works every time:

Mechanic: Okay Mrs. Weasel, we’ll call you when it’s ready.                                                                    Me:  That’s okay.  The kids and I will wait.                                                                                                Mechanic and Manager(who overheard reply):  It may be a few hours.                                                         Me:  That’s okay. (totally shrugging it off)  We’ll wait.

This is when I put my plan into action.

Step 1:  We enter the waiting room and I let children tune the TV to Barney and turn the volume way up.

Step 2: Take kids to the toy area (while Barney is still blaring for all patrons to enjoy) and start the process of staging tornado aftermath.

If I don’t see any results within 15 minutes, i.e., my car in the garage on the lift, I implement the next phase.

Step 3: Suggest to the kids that we ‘check out the showroom’.  Of course the children love this idea. New cars parked indoors is pure craziness waiting to happen!!!!!

I lead the kids to the showroom and I let them touch everything inside and outside of these freshly polished vehicles that someone has spent hours detailing. We leave no surface without fingerprints.They climb in and out.  They touch all the buttons, abuse the power sliding doors and tailgates and run back and forth in all directions through the showroom.

Each child picking their favorite to drive. They climb into the drivers seat of their selected models (with all the grace and composure that they use when entering bumper cars at the local carnival) and pretend to race.  I just stand, watching and smiling at these lovely children having such a great time and say things like “yeah, that it really cool”, while I try to maintain a straight face.

Next thing I know, I hear over the PA system “Mrs. Weasel, your car is ready” and I know that I have reached mission accomplished!

I don’t think I have ever waited longer than an hour and one time I was given a free loner car for the day.

My husband says I can be evil. I call it genius. Maybe I am an evil genius.


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