Too Too Cute Tutus

Posted by: , July 20, 2010 in 10:59 am

tutu2 Too Too Cute Tutus My mother called me recently to ask why I always dress my daughter in tutus (always, of course, being twice).  My reply was simple: “because they rock”.  And they do.

For my daughter’s second birthday I wanted the biggest, baddest tutu around and boy did I find it.  The people at Too Too Cute do not mess around when it comes to tutus.  Each of their tutus are made with 75 yards of tulle – with the exception of the smallest size, which is made with 50 yards of tulle.  Every tutu is accented with a large flower and a solid satin or polka dotted grosgrain ribbon.

tutu3 Too Too Cute Tutus There are 16 colors to choose from and the Specialty Tutus combine two or more colors into one sugary confection.  You can also customize your own tutu if you so choose.  And if your daughter would like a doll or a bear with a tutu to match her own that option is also available.

My favorite part about the tutu is how far 75 yards of tulle can go.  This tutu is nearly as wide as she is tall and she looked adorable wearing it.  She insisted on pairing it with her pink and white Pumas and it was an overall winning combination.

Too Too Cute Tutus sell for $35 each.  You can check out all of their fabulous styles on their website.

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