Solana Swaddle Wrap

Posted by: , August 23, 2010 in 11:37 am

solana swaddleBabies love being swaddled.  My newest baby was instantly calmed when I wrapped her up.  The tighter the better.  I had all sorts of swaddling blankets but as the summer got hotter, I was wary to use them.   So I was excited to try the Solana Swaddle Wrap because it’s made of large, breathable squares of light cotton.

We used the Sadie Signature Wrap which was a multi-colored muslin blanket with white satin trim.  It was 100 % cotton, translucent with an open, loose-weave and felt light as a feather.  My daughter loved it while I was confident that she wouldn’t overheat.

Pediatricians tell us that swaddled babies sleep longer and better.  Swaddling, combined with sound and motion, mimics the womb, calming colicky, fussy babies and prevent the risk of SIDS by keeping babies on their back.

They are also oversized (45″ x 45″) so parents can swaddle even the biggest of babies for as long as they want.

Not only is the Solana Swaddle Wrap practical but also adorably designed in sweet colors and patterns.  For your own baby or as a great gift, Solana Swaddle Wraps are perfect year-round!

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