The Guidecraft Kitchen Helper

Posted by: , September 25, 2010 in 10:28 pm

GuideCraft Kitchen HelperThey say that human beings are distinguished from other species by the desire their young have to help adults.  Hence toy vacuum cleaners, kitchens and lawn mowers.  Keeping in line with the fundamental trait of her species, my daughter developed an urgent need to be involved in wiping counters, cooking eggs and changing rolls of toilet paper.  Therefore, the Guidecraft Kitchen Helper has been revolutionary in our home.

The Guidecraft Kitchen Helper is a godsend for anyone whose little one is constantly underfoot when they are trying to make dinner (or lunch, or even a snack for the road).  It is a sturdy wooden platform that a child can stand on elevating her to a height from which she can easily reach your kitchen counter.

On a rainy day last week I decided to make home-made play do.  My daughter climbed up into her Guidecraft and we spent a lovely afternoon at the kitchen counter cooking and creating.  She often seems to prefer eating snacks and breakfast in her Guidecraft at the kitchen counter than at the dining room table.  And although I do not allow her to have lunches and dinners there, it can be quite convenient when I’m unloading the dishwasher and rushing to get the kids ready for the day.

The Guidecraft Kitchen Helper is lightweight and easy to move and store.  The entire structure folds up quickly and safely.  It has a lovely maple toned finish and sturdy wood construction.  It has enabled my two year old to take part in a variety of activities that would otherwise be over her head…

Enter for a chance to win your own Guidecraft Kitchen Helper. (Retail Value: $160) Tell us your latest imperfect parenting moment.

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