Bikes for Boogers

Posted by: , September 30, 2010 in 10:08 am

pink bicycleSometimes it is what we say to our children in those spontaneous unfiltered moments that we later regret.  Every promise made to a child might as well be etched in a stone tablet.  They give us no wiggle room to explain ourselves later.  

“But, you promised,” are words I’ve heard a thousand times before from my children when I deny them something I told them earlier I would grant.

Yet, for some reason, in the moments when we say it, it sounds okay.  Only in its repetition does it then sound like we’re totally off the crazy-meter.

“Daddy said I can have a bigger bike when I stop eating my boogers,” my oldest daughter, who was five at the time, says proudly from the backseat as I watch her in the rearview mirror put her finger into her mouth.  I try not to imagine what might be on the tip of her finger, but I find it impossible to block it out of my mind.

“Interesting,” I say wondering how and why this mysterious bargain was struck without my knowledge.  I’m sure my husband made it under duress after watching one-too-many booger-eating episodes.

“When are you going to stop?”

“Tomorrow.” She says matter-of-factly, “Definitely, tomorrow.”

“That’s good, I’m sure that will make Daddy very proud.”

“If you’ve got a cough, eating boogers will make it go away,” my youngest chimes in with this unsolicited piece of mysterious advice.  Her sister nods as if this wisdom is something she’s heard before and knows to be true.  I decide to stay the heck out of it.  I wonder if my younger one will stop eating boogers earlier than her sister did.  After all, I know she has her eyes on a swell Barbie bike with pink tinsel streamers.


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