Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Costumes

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pottery barn halloween Pottery Barn Kids Halloween CostumesIs anything cuter than a five year old dressed up like a cupcake?  Yes – a two year old dressed up as a lion.  Folks – it is that time of year again.  Time to break out the goblin masks and cut holes in some old sheets.  But if the change of leaves, leaves you feeling more cozy than crafty – Pottery Barn Kids has come to your rescue.

Pottery Barn Kids has designed a line of frighteningly creative Halloween costumes (pun intended).  Spiders, Bumble Bees, Puppies and Pumpkins – you can find a wide assortment of incredible costumes at reasonable prices.

I love the homemade feel of these costumes too.  This is what I would want to make if I had time to pick fabrics, find patterns and learn how to sew.  Except mine would probably come out with the head on backwards.  They also come with adorable, matching treat bags so your little ones can collect candy in style.

Having trouble deciding between the Milk Carton and the Mermaid? Pottery Barn Kids offers a convenient app that allows you to view your child in any costume of your choice.  And for those of you throwing Halloween parties that need a little inspired décor – check out the spooky signs and spider webs that are also available on their site.

The only drawback I can imagine of dressing your kids in such winning costumes are the myriad of Reece’s and M&M’s they may end up collecting.  It may not be so easy to keep your hands out of the candy jar.  Ahh… the tangled webs we weave…

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