The Candy Dilemma

Posted by: , October 10, 2010 in 5:28 pm

candy The Candy DilemmaWhite sugar is the devil. Don’t believe me? Try to eat just ONE piece of Halloween candy.  Go ahead. I’ll wait…………. See what I mean?! It’s IMPOSSIBLE. And now, heaven forbid, that desire for something sweet is overcoming my dear little toddler! She craves it. How do I know, you ask? She stares longingly at the candy bowl – or the cookies we are baking for her school friends’ treat bags – and pleads (*as she rubs her hand on her chest – sign language for “please*”): “want it – want it – WANT IT!”

Well, me too, kid!

Seeing her little face light up at the prospect of a Halloween treat brings back so many memories of a time when I COULD eat as much of that candy as I wanted without feeling it immediately lodge itself on my upper thighs and backside. Heck, back then a little more padding wouldn’t have been a bad thing! But alas, those days are gone. And along with them, they took the sweet and crunchy taste of a mini Snickers bar, the creamy goodness of a Reese’s peanut butter cup, and the sheer delight of a caramel apple.


Now, those treats for me simply bring a sense of self-loathing associated with the consumption of large amounts of white sugar and the requisite candy coma that accompanies that binge. Because I know if I indulge this sweet tooth, I’ll be zonked – most likely with a killer headache – the following day. So how to deal with this?

I buy all the kinds of candy that I DON’T like. And all the kinds that my 2-year old can’t have. And then we enjoy that one really good sugar cookie.

Don’t get me wrong, trick-or-treating is in our future…(*Pineapple will be the bee and I’ll be the bee keeper!*) and yes, she’ll probably get to try at least one piece of candy (*her very first this year!*) but fighting the temptation to eat it myself will be easy; I’ll just put the candy out on the table in front of my dear husband.

He’ll take care of it. After all, isn’t that what daddies and hubbies are for? Oh and I’ve stocked up on ibuprofen to battle his candy coma; at least he doesn’t need to worry about his upper thighs and backside!


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