Sound Beginnings

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sound beginnings1Imagine that your unborn child could be trained even before it left your womb.  You could teach it a set of rules like, “cry once if you’re hungry, cry twice if you need a new diaper.”  This concept could send any new mother into a state of ecstasy, as I myself have drifted off dreaming of all the “wisdom” I could teach my unborn baby.  I’d be lying if I said that the Sound Beginnings device is capable of this sort of thing, however, it comes pretty darn close.

By nature, I’m a skeptic.  So when my overly excitable mommy friend told me that I could actually communicate with my unborn child using music and voice, I didn’t buy into it.  My friend pressed on, telling me in detail about her Sound Beginnings device— that aside from playing music to her tummy, she said her mother and father and husband are able to leave daily voicemail messages for her baby. My initial thought?  That baby is more popular than I am and it’s not even born yet.  My second thought:  That’s actually pretty cool.

So when I had the opportunity to try out the Sound Beginings Pre-Natal Sound Delivery System, I was thrilled. I must admit, this is one of the most amazing products out there for parents to be.  The Sound Beginnings device basically allows you to play music and sounds for your baby and what’s even cooler is that using the Sound delivery service, you can also do voice recording.  Using a telephone, anyone can record a message for the baby, which can be easily sent as a digital file to your account on the website.  Once you receive the file, you download it and click “Play” and suddenly you have grandma singing a lullaby!

Sound beginnings comes with a fabric nylon/ Lycra band (which is actually very comfortable) and with integrated speakers and a cord extending out of the pocket.  It also has a splitter to be used with an MP3 Player to allow you to listen along with your baby. The entire product, speakers and all, is machine washable.  Also, because the product is designed for use with an MP3 player, it fits easily under clothing and can be worn all day long, (which I’ve actually done!).

Aside from the fun factor of this product, like rocking out to the Beatles with your baby, it’s also doing something incredible for your baby’s early development. A recent study has shown that fetuses as young as 30 weeks demonstrated a short term memory of 10 minutes and fetuses 34 weeks seem to be able to remember information they stored 4 weeks prior.  While still in the womb, a baby is actually learning speech patterns!

I honestly can say that having the Sound Beginnings device has allowed myself, my husband and the rest of our family to start the bonding process even before our baby arrives.  And even though our baby might not emerge with the communicating skills I had once dreamed of, I do feel confident that by the time our baby is born, it will be very familiar with our family’s voices, know the difference between New Age and Hard Rock, and of course will always listen to mommy and daddy.

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