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robot firstAs a mom to two boys I became tired of the same birthday parties over and over again.  After the boys hit 4-years old it seemed that every party we went to was sports or bounce themed.    Yes, boys like to run around, seemingly full of endless energy but we sometimes forget that if you give them an activity they’re interested in, they will focus, sit still and actually enjoy themselves.  That’s where Robot Galaxy comes in. 

Kids get to build their own robots piece-by-piece…we’re talking move-able, talking, quality robots and then go home with their robot creations!   I decided to try out Robot Galaxy for my 5-year old’s birthday and came to the conclusion that it is the ultimate boy birthday party destination.

robot roomRobot Galaxy, which launched 3 years ago, already has four locations – West Nyack, NY, Freehold, NJ, Wynnewood, PA and their latest at the Toys R Us in Times Square, NY.  They are now expanding to mall kiosks nation-wide and their pre-built robots are available for sale at Nordstroms across the country.

robot storyThe Robot Galaxy birthday party exceeded all of my expectations as well as those of the birthday boy and all of his little guests.   The party began with the children being told the actual story of the Robot Galaxy Brotherhood , setting the stage for the robots the children were about to create.  Believe me, you’ve never seen a group of boys listen so intently as the party runner expertly outlined each robot character.  The fun Robot Galaxy comic books, which are for sale separately, do a great job of continuing the saga.

TABLE 150x120 Robot Galaxy Birthday PartiesAfter the story ended, the children sat down at tables and began to pick their robot parts.  There are over 2000 different parts to choose from – beginning with the character core (head and body).  It was fun to see which robot personalities the kids chose; good guy or bad buy and why.  Next the kids went on to choose their flexors (arms), extendors (legs), fuel cells, etc.

robot partsThey could mix and match any colors they wanted and get motorized parts and accessories that enhanced their robot like rockets, drills or magnets.

This too involved serious decision making – as the boys chatted they used their robot keys to assemble their robots on their own. robot tableThe robots were simple enough to assemble that the boys didn’t need a lot of help. But when they did, there were enough people available to give them a hand.

When they had completed their custom made robots, each child went to a robot station where they programmed their robot giving them power and naming them.   This automatically registers each robot to the Robot Galaxy robot programmingvirtual world, allowing the children to go home and play with their own robot avatar on line in various games and download new sound effects or phrases for their robots.  The boys loved naming their robots, especially when the robot repeated the name back to them after the programming was complete.

robot saturnAfterward all of the kids gathered for the ceremonial launch.  They giddily stood under the big Saturn in the middle of the store, held up their new robots and hoped that the energy source would work on their creations.  And when it did a loud cheer went out from all of our party goers!

robot flexor 2I cannot say enough good things about the professionalism and enthusiasm of the Robot Galaxy party staff.  They patiently helped the kids build their robots, kept a large group of rowdy boys under control, while at the same time keeping the the Robot Galaxy story alive.

At the end of the party, the children lined up and the staff checked every robot to make sure it was connected correctly and that their voices and other mechanisms worked properly.  Their attention to detail made the difference between a fun party and a well oiled machine.

The entire birthday party experience at Robot Galaxy was memorable.  The robot checkboys attention was captivated from the beginning, and their enthusiasm never faltered.

The best part was instead of leaving with a goody bag filled with cheap toys and sugar filled candy, each boy went home with an amazing new toy.  As they walked out you could hear how they really felt about it; “That was the most awesome party ever!”  “My robot has the power to shoot arrows!”  “Mom can I come back and get different parts for my robot?”  And always the sign of a good birthday party – “Can I have my birthday party here too?”

For more inrobot table 3formation on planning your own Robot Galaxy Build-A-Robot party visit their website, email them at: or call 646-515-1951.   honestbaby readers get 10% off for parties booked by 12/31/10 – use discount code HB2010


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