Run Out of Ideas? Unique Gifts For Kids

Posted by: , December 7, 2010 in 2:38 pm

1 Two 3 Playhouse by ChiccoStumped for new holiday gift ideas for the kids? If you’re looking for fun, unique presents, look no further. Here are 3 great options your kids will love.

Chicco’s 1 Two 3 Playhouse

Chicco’s new 1 Two 3 Playhouse hangs flat on the wall on a cute cloud hanger when not in use, and pops out into a cool play house made out of super soft fabric. My 3-year old and 5-year old immediately began playing “tea party” with it. My older daughter allowed her sister into her new home and they began to welcome more guests (a.k.a. dolls). They loved the working mail slot (for party invitations) and started hanging their tea cups on the loops inside. This is a great toy to promote 1 Two 3 Playhouse by Chicco2imaginative play. We have another play tent but it has a wire frame and has already lost it’s shape from being stepped on and folded the wrong way. We don’t have to worry about that with the 1 Two 3 Playhouse. When they were done playing with it, we folded it back up and hung it up on the wall again. Not only is it a huge space saver but it stays in great shape. Brilliant. $49.99 Buy it now.

Babysitting Mama_ Video GamesBabysitting Mama Wii Game

If you’ve got the Wii but you’re tired of getting your kids playing the same action games, this is the perfect solution. Babysitting Mama, the latest release in the best selling Cooking Mama franchise, is the first game that lets you play with a Wii game and interactive baby together. My girls were thrilled with the baby itself. When you start playing the game, the baby comes to life – crying and cooing. You put the remote inside the baby and it actually turns into the controller! They have the option to play 40 different games which should keep them busy well into the New Year. From feeding, changing and playing peek-a-boo, to racing your baby through an obstacle course, they never tired of it. And when you take the remote out of the the baby, you have a cute little doll. My little one actually took it to sleep with her that night. Baybsitting Mama is not just for girls. Their 5-year old cousin couldn’t put it down either. $49.99. Buy it now

georgetown cupcakes2
Georgetown Cupcakes

Most kids love cupcakes, but these cupcakes are special. The famous Georgetown Cupcakes are made with the finest ingredients and individually decorated with handmade fondant. They come in 12 different delicious flavors like: Chocolate Egg Nog and Rudolph Red Velvet. It’s time to let the kids be impressed for once. And watch out because the adults will be trying to steal one for themselves. Overnight shipping makes last minute gift giving simple and ensures that your cupcakes arrive fresh and right in time for the holidays. $55 for a dozen cupcakes, including nationwide overnight delivery. Buy now

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