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BABYBJÖRN Air - Breathable 3D mesh

Between all three of my kids I think I’ve tried at least a dozen baby carriers.  It’s a great way to keep your baby close and your hands free.  We have always found them indispensable especially when on vacations.  Recently I received the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Air.  It felt different immediately.  Extremely lightweight, it is made with a soft 3D mesh material that keeps you and your baby cool and comfortable by wicking away heat and moisture. 

When we packed up the family and headed to Florida last month, it was a no-brainer to bring along our BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Air to try out.  It was a revelation.  In the 90 degree heat, I didn’t feel like I had extra material and a baby hanging off of me.  In fact I felt light and airy and the baby seemed more comfortable as well.  It made sense since the people at Bjorn came up with this unique breathable material which provides up to 138 % better heat reduction and 30% better moisture reduction compared to other baby carriers.

Like most baby carriers, the BabyBjorn Air is for children from 8-pounds up to 22-pounds.  The sturdy yet soft neck rest keeps a newborn’s head supported and protected. Smaller babies face inward, but when your little one is a bit bigger like mine, the neck rest folds down so she can face outwards to check out the scenery.

The sporty design is a nice change from every other solid colored carrier I own.  It is available in three colors – Gray/White, Black mesh and their latest fashion – Sand/White.

The other thing I liked was the back crossing straps that were adjustable from the front allowing me to put on the Bjorn easily.  It is super compact, making it easy to pack for trips and machine washable, drying in an instant.

After several hours in Disney World carrying the baby, my back did not ache and I was not sweating profusely.  In fact, the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Air was so comfortable that when it was time for my husband to carry the baby in the Bjorn (we usually share carrying responsibilities), I opted to stick with it instead of pushing the stroller with my older one.  Unprecedented. From now on, I won’t go on any trip without the BabyBjorn Air – it was a dream.

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