Focus Group Failure

Posted by: , February 20, 2011 in 12:31 pm

Dirtgirlworld ClubWatching TV with my friend Sandra’s daughters Minnie and Daisy the other day I caught a show called dirtgirlworld.  It’s a great premise — all about the earth and recycling and gardening and whatnot. Except…

The characters are cartoons with actual human eyes and actual human mouths.  It’s like Stabbity Nana Doll decided to make an environmentally-correct kids’ show.  It’s freaking horrific.

I want to like it, I really do.  I love that it’s about a girl who isn’t afraid of getting dirty.  But why, oh why, do the characters have to look like this:

I don’t know.

Another show I wanted to like is LazyTown. Sure, the name is annoying right off the bat. But the show is really about getting kids to eat healthy and exercise. Awesome, no?

Uh, no.

lazytowncreepfest Focus Group Failure

LazyTown featured a bunch of creepy puppets and a bunch of creepy people.  It starred Stephanie, who was either a nine-year-old girl or a 35-year-old Ukranian gymnast, I’m not sure which.

The other lead character was Uncle Creepy Sportacus, an active proponent of healthy eating and snug-fitting pants.  There was also a guy named Robbie Rotten, who also loved the Lycra.  I haven’t seen junk on display like that since the old Batman show.

LazyTown seems to have gone out of production, because as much as we’d all like to encourage our kids to exercise, eventually everyone noticed that the show sucked monkey balls.

Seriously, what kind of focus group approves this stuff in the first place?  Did they put a bunch of moms and kids in the room, and deny coffee to the moms until they said they loved the shows?  I’m sure kids like it, but guess what?  It’s not going to be on in my house if it makes me feel like I’ve had a stroke.


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