The Combi Pod Bouncer

Posted by: , March 1, 2011 in 11:46 am

Combi Pod Bouncer - Butternut 5150108A few months after having my first baby, I quickly realized that “freedom” was going to be the lost noun in my vocabulary. In my overly tired, sleepless state, I would often dream of having three hands; one to change diapers, one to wash the growing pile of dirty laundry and one to type on the computer to get my work done. With this being about as likely as me ever getting 10 hours of sleep, I knew I had to come up with an alternative, and fast.

This is when I discovered the Combi Pod Bouncer. Who knew that such a simple piece of equipment could cure all of my anxiety? No longer were the days of having to hold my crying daughter, Stella, while trying to accomplish a million things. Instead, I plop her into the bouncer, switch on the MP3 Player and watch as she slips into a deep slumber, allowing me to do all of my chores, hands free.

I’m not sure what it is about this Pod Bouncer that works so well for Stella, but it does. Perhaps it’s the actual design of the piece itself. The entire pod vibrates, has an adjustable incline and features a bouncing leg, which allows the seat to move along with your baby’s natural movements, or with just the slight touch of your foot or hand. It also has a removable canopy to help control the light exposure—key in keeping your child comfortable while sleeping. It comes with three different songs, yet also has the ability to hook up to your own music player for more variety.

It’s cool slip resistant feet give it a modern look. It’s light weight makes it easy to transport from room to room if I need to. And it’s simple toy bar with wooden toys gives me a break from all those lights and sounds emanating from my daughter’s play things.

Moms can spend hours searching for the perfect baby products but rarely does one stumble upon something that is functional, easy to use, tastefully decorated and that actually doesn’t break the bank. I would highly recommend the Combi Pod Bouncer to anyone that is looking for that break in the day, that nugget of peace and quiet and best of all, that “third hand”.

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