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ERGObaby2 Ergo Baby CarrierI love hands-free baby carriers ergo I never leave home without my Ergo. Not exactly Shakespeare, but the convenience and comfort of the Ergo baby carrier is truly the stuff of legends. It is great to feel confident that when I’m out and about with my little one I will not need to keep her strapped in a stroller all afternoon. This became a particularly important issue for me at a recent check-up.

My doctor took a very close look at my infant’s head and mentioned that it looked “a little flat”. These are not words any new parent likes to hear and at the mere mention of a possible problem I was researching every possible solution.

My doctor told me that the most important thing I could do was keep her off her back as much as I could when she wasn’t sleeping. The Ergo was particularly helpful in this task. Rather than keeping my baby in her stroller, where the back of her head was constantly leaning against the back of the stroller, I was able to take her out with me and not worry about the shape of her developing head.

ERGObaby is a family owned and operated company that is located in Maui, Hawaii. But for a mom and pop shop that has only been in existence for 8 years they are quickly taking over the baby carrier market. ERGObaby is known for being the most comfortable baby carrier around. Karin Frost developed the carrier when she had her son in 2001. The Ergo carrier is unique because it distributes the weight of your child to your hips instead of your back which makes it far more comfortable to carry a child and allows you to carry a baby for longer than other carriers.

ERGObaby has a line of organic carriers that are incredibly light-weight and made of 100% organic cotton twill and have an organic sateen lining and hood. They are beautifully designed by Karin Frost and the one I got was the Organic Twill Cranberry Carrier with the Nautilus Print. ERGObaby uses a Nautilus print to symbolize the new wave of awareness guiding parents across the world.

The Ergo carrier fits people with waist belt circumferences from 25” to 43”. The straps are adjustable and can accommodate people from 5’ to 6.5’ in height. It has been strength tested up to 90 pounds and it is machine washable.

At our last checkup my doctor told me that my baby’s head had definitely improved and that it was shaping up nicely. I know at least part of that has been helped along by my Ergo.

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