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Boon Inc. - Flair, Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic LiftWith my newborn quickly approaching the “solid foods” stage, I knew the time had come for me to finally purchase a highchair. For most people, this would be a simple task, but for me, not so much.  The reason? I love my kitchen. I know it sounds silly, but my kitchen is my sanctuary. It’s modern and sleek, yet warm and inviting, and everything matches perfectly, from the appliances, to the floors, to the copper teapot resting on the gas burner. So the idea of cluttering it with an ugly, plastic piece of equipment was anything but thrilling.

Obviously, feeding my child took precedence, and so I quickly go over my obsession with modern perfection and my search for the perfect highchair began. I had high expectations. I wanted it to be safe and secure for my daughter to sit in, one that would be easy to clean and admittedly, a product that would suit the look of my kitchen.  I assumed that finding all of these things in one product would be next to impossible, so one can imagine the shock when I found the Boon Flair Highchair.

The 2011 Boon “Flare” is a revolutionary new highchair, combining innovative features with distinctive modern style. There are so many reasons to choose the Boon Flair highchair, but let me start with a few of my favorites.

First off, the Flair doesn’t look like your average highchair. It is very contemporary and has a fresh appearance, making it more of an attraction than an eyesore in your kitchen. Also, unlike other highchairs, the overall size of the chair doesn’t take up that much room, saving you space if your kitchen is tight.

Secondly, not only is the Flair easy on the eyes but its actual design is very smart.  Made with a mother in mind, all of its unique features make clean-up SUPER fast and simple! The seat is a seamless, one-piece molded plastic structure, which means there are no spaces or deep crevices for food to get stuck inside.  It comes with two compact tray liners that snap onto the main tray, (very easy to take on and off) and its dishwasher-safe tray cover actually fits in a dishwasher! Also, both the seat itself as well as the chemical-resistant, waterproof pad, can be easily removed, making wiping down practically effortless –an absolute must for a messy baby!

Another fantastic feature of the Flair is the pneumatic lift which allows for continuous and effortless height adjustment of the chair itself.  With one press of the pneumatic foot pedal, you can choose the exact height that you want your child. When your child is not in the high chair, you simply step on the orange button and it will pop back up to its maximum height.

This exclusive hydraulic lift allows us to have our daughter at the kitchen counter, at the dining room table and even in the living room, always level with us at any table, making her part of the family and not just on display.

The flair highchair has also been made extremely safe for any baby and any toddler. It comes equipped with top-quality safety features including a five-point harness (which is very soft on the skin) and a restraining post.  Both of these features ensures that your child won’t slip from under the tray and get hurt.  Sometimes those pureed peas just don’t cut it, and before I know it, my daughter is trying to squirm her way out of the highchair, attempting a quick escape.  The combination of the seat post and the buckle, have really helped me keep her in the seat!

Aside from its sleek look, the smart design and the special safety features, the Flair highchair has also been made to move about your home with ease. With it being on wheels, using six urethane casters, the Flair moves swiftly and in any direction.  All you have to do is glide it across the floor and not only will you be able to feed your child in any room, you also will not scratch the floors!  Once you find your feeding ground, the hands-free braking system will allow you to easily lock the chair in place, keeping your child in position to down those tasteless mashed up vegesJ

Lastly, all of Boon’s products are Bpa, Phthalate and PVC free.  A comfort in itself!

From the day that my Boon Flair Highchair arrived, I have been nothing but pleased.  Not only has it served its purpose (and perfectly might I add), but it has also made quite the addition to my kitchen.  Just when I thought my granite island and hibachi stove had completed my vision, it was the day my neighbor came over and said, “nice chair” that I truly realized what perfection actually was.


*Streamlined contemporary design

* Two tray covers included

* Easy to clean, no cracks or crevices

* Removable waterproof pad

* Five-point harness and safety post

* Single-step braking system

* Six urethane casters to protect floors

* Glides smoothly in all directions

* Effortless continuous height positioning

* Fits easily under tables with pedestal base


* Recommended weight limit: 50 lbs

* Maximum age: 4 years

* Seat height range: 21″ – 26.25″

* Tray height range: 26.25″ – 31.5″

* Base diameter: 23.5″

* Chair weight: 28 lbs.

Learn more about Boon!  Check out their news blog.  Join their Facebook Fan Page.  Follow Boon on twitter!

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