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Combi _ Swings _ Yurikago SwingWith three kids and one on the way, I thought I had seen it all when it came to baby gear. Throughout the years, I had every latest and greatest bouncer, jumper, and rocker know to man and never once was I overly impressed by any of these items. Whether it be for a few weeks or a few months, they had served their purpose, (however short-lived their stay might have been), and then were packed back into the box and stored in my cold dank garage— waiting to be used for a later time, or another baby.

So I must admit, when my friend told me about the Combi Yurikago swing, I certainly wasn’t rushing to the store to pick one up. Afterall, why did I need yet another piece of machinery when I had a garage full of other products? I held my ground, and it wasn’t until I received the Combi swing as a gift for my newborn that I finally realized what I had been missing out on.

It was actually my own ignorance that kept me from purchasing a swing in the past. I never really understood the need for it. What I came to learn is that infants actually love being in swings because they mimic the movement experienced in the womb. Rocking and swinging motions feel familiar and comfortable, because it’s what the baby experienced for nine months before being born.

Also, I never knew that a swing could help with newborn colic or acid reflux! And coming from a mom who has had experience with both of these conditions, having the swing actually changed my life this time. Acid reflux causes more pain when the baby is lying down, so it’s helpful to have a safe place where your baby can be in a seated position. And babies with colic seem to enjoy the motion of swinging with their arms swaddled.  And believe me this worked!  Instead of having my husband drive around the block, we could just let the baby swing away.

The Combi Yurikago Swing also comes with some unique features, which are hard to find in other products. It has a built-in sound and vibration unit and has a rear mounted MP3 input so you can rock and swing your baby to sleep with their favorite music (and yours?). It comes with a remote control, which is extremely convenient for a quick adjustment and also has a timer that runs for 10, 20, and 30 minute increments. Additionally, this swing is easily portable and doesn’t take up too much space (which is a great perk, especially when your living room has turned into a jungle gym).

The Combi Yurikago Swing has proved to be a product that not only measured up to its expectations, but became one of those items that I considered a necessity. Sitting in the swing is by far my baby’s favorite place to be, a great substitute for always being in my arms! Not only has my life been made easier since having the Yurikago swing, my garage is now a lot cleaner.

Additional Features: Unique remote control feature, 6 Speeds, 9 Songs, Adjustable volume, 10, 20 and 30 Minute timer, 2-position recline, 5-point harness with padding, Compact fold; ideal for travel, Removable toy bar, 4C batteries provide long-lasting power (up to 50 hours)

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