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Hauck  121x150 Hauck Malibu StrollerI used to think shopping for the perfect bathing suit was the most daunting and dispiriting task known to man; that is until it came time to finding the perfect stroller for my newborn. With newer and more updated carriages hitting the consumer market almost weekly (or what seems like daily!) it can be really hard to figure out which ones are good and which ones aren’t. Each one promises you the world, with “smoother rides”, being more “lightweight”, “easier steering” or “less sun exposure”. I’m just waiting for the day to come where a stroller guarantees to “push itself while singing your kid to sleep”.

Perhaps the even more overwhelming part is buying all of the additional, but necessary, accessories that go along with the stroller. Whether it’s a car seat adapter, a bassinet, a canopy, it gets to the point where I wonder, what am I getting with this stroller other than four wheels??? This is exactly what attracted me to the Hauck Malibu stroller. Not only does it come with all of the parts you’ll need, (the stroller frame, stroller seat, bassinet, universal car seat adapter and bassinet stand), it also only costs $299- an amazing value!

There are honestly a zillion reasons to purchase the Hauck Malibu Stroller, but let me start with just a few. Firstly, compared to its higher priced competitors, this stroller is not only multi functional, but is also designed with a mother in mind. With its ultra-light aluminum frame and super soft and cozy seat, it’s a great experience for your child (mine personally hates to get out of it) and is also very easy to push- something to not take for granted! With my first daughter, the stroller we chose was sleek looking, but when it came down to actually pushing it on the street, it was like hauling a tractor. Not fun.

I have also found the Hauck to be the right choice for most terrains, whether it be on the streets, the grass or even dirt pathways. The lockable/swivel front wheels and shock absorbing suspension make this stroller extremely easy to maneuver, and thus I’m never worried about getting stuck somewhere. One of the most important features (at least to me) is how easy the stroller folds up. Every mom knows the true torture of having to hold your baby, hold your diaper bag, hold your groceries, and talk on the phone, all while trying to fold up your carriage. Nothing is worse. So for me, the Malibu won major points with how quickly it can be compactly folded.

Some of the other things that the Malibu includes is a travel bassinet, with a memory foam mattress and cover. And for those nasty spills, rest assured that everything is washable? The bassinet also comes with a stand– which you can use in your baby’s nursery, anywhere in the house or even for when you travel. Additionally, the stroller has a large shopping basket, providing plenty of storage space for your baby’s accessories and for mom too. And, a real steal, it comes with the universal car seat adapter- crucial!

To ensure comfort for your child, there is a 4-way adjustable backrest that goes all the way back and an adjustable footrest. It also has a ventilated screen on top of the canopy so you can see your baby at all times, while ensuring that your baby is well protected from that glaring sun. The Hauck Malibu stroller is truly an unbelievable piece of merchandise. I was so shocked with its value as well as its performance that I literally was waiting to be pinched! It is a complete system for parents, created for comfort as well as convenience. This is one stroller that promises you the world and actually delivers. Perhaps it really CAN push itself and sing my baby to sleep?

Features Include: * Stroller frame, stroller seat, bassinet and stand and universal infant car seat adapter * Five point harness with shoulder pad * Easy folding mechanism and compact frame * Firm bassinet with memory foam * Removable front bar * Seat unit completely removable * Front wheels swivel/lock with shock absorpsion * Three position adjustable footrest * Continuously adjustable seatback * Large shopping basket * Locking brake acts on both sides * Smooth swivel front wheels * Front wheels lock for traveling through snow/sand * Adjustable foot rest * Full recline seat * Shock absorbing frame * Over sized, double foldout canopy with peek-a-boo window * Washable fabric Dimensions: • Outer material: 100 % polyester; filling: 100 % polyester fleece • Weight 18 lbs • Length of seat, back and reclining platform: Seat 7 inches, Back 18 inches, Reclining platform 33 inches • Seat width: 13 inches • Wheel diameter: front 7 inches / back 7.5 inches • Front wheels swivel/lock (360°) • Continuously adjustable back, Reclining position 163°, Sitting position 115°

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