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Packin_ SMART 3 Tier Zoo Animal _ Lime Sorbet _ BPA freeI recently discovered the Innobaby products and for so many reasons they have literally changed my life- no exaggeration.   What drew me to Innobaby was that it was a company founded by two moms; something I wish was a more common occurrence, since moms are the ones that know what we moms really need!  Their mission was to create solutions for busy parents and in my opinion, they have definitely delivered.


From the Packin’ SMART line, I got the 3 Tier, All-in-One Snack case. If you’re a mom like me, your diaper bag can quickly turn into an abyss of cheerios, crackers and cheese puffs.  This set of dispensers helps you organize your treats in one convenient unit.  The smart stacking and interlocking design with easy 1-touch release, allows you to keep the cases together while having quick and easy access.  The removable funnel shaped inner lids make pouring out the snacks super easy.  Each container can hold 1/3 cup or up to 8 oz. of powdered formula.  The perfect size for whatever your need.  It is dishwasher safe and does not contain Phthalates, PVC- or Lead.  It is also BPA free. $13.99

Keepin_ Fresh Baby Food Storage Solution _ Glass _ 150 ml _ 2 Pack _ Green & BlueKEEPIN’ FRESH GLASS BABY STORAGE CONTAINERS:

These containers were a godsend for me.  Each Sunday, I make my own baby food for the week.  Since I’m a working mom, it is essential for me to be able to store and freeze this food so that I have easy access to good food with little preparation time.  These containers are perfect for storing homemade baby food, diced fruits, veggies and basically anything else you need to store.  In addition to being BPA, Phthalate, PVC and Lead free, they are also freezer safe, oven safe and microwaveable safe!  (That’s quite a mouthful, no pun intended. ) The glass containers feature lids with a silicone seal making them 100% airtight and 100% leakproof.  Whether your baking, freezing or storing, they will lock in the freshness, prepare and store perfect portions, and keep baby foods securely contained at home and on-the-go. $12.99

Nursin_ SMART 5 oz Nurser w_ Stage 1 Natural NippleNURSIN’ SMART SILICONE BOTTLE

The Nursin’ SMART 5 oz Silicone Bottle is a safe and smart alternative to glass or plastic bottles.  They are soft and flexible, lightweight and breakproof, and are also SAFER than glass.  Most importantly, these bottles are suited for ALL feeding challenges, faced from infant to toddler years.  Something you do not find in other bottles.  It naturally reduces colic without additional parts, supports breastfeeding moms as supplemental bottle feeding solution and supports babies with feeding challenges such as cleft palates or babies who are prematurely born.  And the soft silicone bottle is devised to resemble skin-to-skin contact during feeding. The Nursin’ Smart system is also economical.

Because of its extreme durability, moms can reuse the bottle with every child and the Grow-with-Me system allows for extended use through the toddler years.  As with all Innobaby products safety is a priority; all silicone parts are free of petroleum based chemicals and the nonporous material does not harbor bacteria. Of course it is Bisphenol-A free, phthalates free, pvc free and lead free. $19.99


If you’re looking for a solution for getting your baby off of your nipple (for those hours that you need a break) and onto the bottle, then the The Nursin’ SMART Natural Nipple is the answer. Weaning my second child off of my breast was one of the most grueling tasks I had to deal with, but these bottle nipples made all of the difference.  Similar to how the Innobaby bottles respond to all feeding challenges, the Nursin Smart Nipples respond to all Bottle and Breastfeeding challenges.  Here’s why;

The Natural Nipple is round, soft and replicates the areola.  During feeding, both nipple and areola stretch together, promoting a correct latch on and having a baby to experience a similar feel as if they would in breastfeeding. In addition, the holes on the nipples are placed off centered. This is to mimic the natural breastfeeding experience in which the milk is released in various angles, not in a straight line. A baby must give extra suckling motion and pressure to start the milk flow as they would in actual breastfeeding. The shape, the length, and the softness of the nipple is designed to avoid “bottle feeding tongue”; and prevents babies from inhaling extra air during feeding.

Besides being free of all those nasty chemicals, another benefit worth mentioning is that the Silicone parts do not deform even with extended use and sterilization.  Smart, safe and durable, what are you waiting for? $8.99

To learn more about all of the great Innobaby products visit their website!

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