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sharksigg1 SIGG Bottle“Didn’t you hear?!?! If you leave a plastic water bottle in a hot car, it leaches poisonous chemicals in to the water and makes it toxic to drink!” I was amazed by my brother’s innocence. He rolled his eyes. “You are so paranoid.” Well maybe I am. But I always feel—better safe than sorry.

My father, another paranoid sort, had convinced me it was a better idea to fill my own ceramic bottles with water and bring them with me in the car than it was to buy the pre-filled plastic kind. Ceramic chips and cracks, so as you can imagine, this was a major pain. Which is why when SIGG bottles came to my attention, I jumped at them.SIGG bottles have a baked-on, non-toxic inner lining that exceeds FDA requirements and ensures NO leaching. You can safely put fruit juice, energy drinks or even alcohol in SIGG bottles. Just as importantly, SIGG bottles do not give your drinks a metallic taste and there is no taste transfer between beverages. With SIGG, finally, I have a safe bottle without the inconvenience of carrying around clunky and breakable ceramic bottles!

As if all that was not enough, SIGG bottles are also environmentally-friendly—an important concern for any vigilant mom who thinks about what kind of planet she will leave to her kids. SIGG bottles are reusable, making for less waste. They are also 100% recyclable, so if you use them for 10 or 20 years and decide to move on, they won’t clog up landfills.

SIGG bottles also look great which is a nice bonus for any harried mother who hasn’t brushed her hair in three days. Interesting bit of trivia – in 1993, SIGG was admitted to the collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Between the many different bottle designs and interchangeable bottle caps, there are about 1,000 styles to choose from.

In addition, SIGG bottles are nearly indestructible. They are made from a single, seamless aluminum component and so they have no comparable weak points. This feature came in handy when my daughter snatched it out of the cup holder on her stroller and dashed it to the pavement gleefully. Ha ha – it didn’t break.

Which brings me to my final point about SIGG bottles – they now make sippy-cup SIGG’s for kids! These brightly-colored, pint-sized, environmentally-conscious bottles are safe for kids and don’t spill when they get turned over. You and your little one can have matching bottles and believe me – that is way cuter than matching outfits.

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