CARES Safety Belt

Posted by: , July 17, 2011 in 10:59 am

CARES - Airline Safety Belt - Best PriceRarely do safety and convenience come hand in hand. But, this is exactly the case with the FAA approved CARES (Child Aviation Restraint System). My husband and I recently traveled to London and France with our rambunctious, 22 month old son. And – though we had some reservations – we took full advantage of the fact that we did not have to buy a seat for our son. We simply placed a bet that we would be able to get an extra seat on the plane anyway – and we were right, for both international flights. (Yay!)

For past flights – one international and several domestic – we have lugged a car seat onto the plane so our child would be safe and secure. And it was a nightmare – just another thing to carry amongst the 5000 other things that go with a traveling toddler. And – in this case – there was the added concern that we might not even get to use it if we weren’t lucky enough to get a spare seat.

pic CARES Safety BeltInstead, we carried on the CARES safety belt which weighed about one pound and packed easily into our carry-on. It literally takes less than a minute to set it up. And, when we received word that a free seat was available for our son, we pulled out the CARES and – voila! – our kid was safe, comfortable and secure in his seat. For most of the flight to London, he slept and the CARES kept him stationary and prevented any jolts that might have disrupted his (very precious) sleep.

For the hour he was awake, the CARES kept him in place in exactly the same manner as a car seat – in other words, it kept him from kicking the seat in front of him, running pell-mell through the aisle, etc. Significantly, the CARES seemed as safe as a car seat – it is FAA approved and buckles across both the waist and the shoulders.

You’ll probably have to make clear to the flight attendant that the CARES actually is FAA approved as some of them are not familiar with the product and requested that we hold the child on the lap for take off and landing. However, we just explained that it is FAA approved for take off, landing, turbulence, and so forth. They were fine with it in every case.

Now, if we could only get one of these things made for cars, taxi cabs and buses! Highly recommended. (retail value: $75) Buy it now!

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