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Posted by: , August 1, 2011 in 10:23 am

Aqua3 Laptop Buddha Board Image.jpg Buddha BoardI’ve heard great things about the Buddha Board — but when I saw it for myself, at first I didn’t understand its appeal. But, I got it, I’ve used it, my 2-year old son has used it, and now I know… it’s truly fantastic!

The laptop Buddha board includes a fold up black board and a bamboo paint brush. You dip the paint brush in water and you are able to paint on the board. It allows your child¬† to be artistic without the crayon marks on the furniture, the paint on the floor, etc etc. The worst you have to deal with is a little puddle on the floor – and I’ll trade a puddle for a trip to the upholsterer any day!

For me, there tends to be a bit of stress involved when it comes to drawing, coloring, etc. Why? Well, I’m not very good at it! But, the art of the Buddha board eliminates this unease. The effortless strokes are truly relaxing and fun. Plus, the water painting disappears after a few minutes, and you can start all over again. It captures the Zen philosophy – to live in the moment.

I really enjoy Buddha board discussions around what our abstract water painting designs are with my toddler. It’s a great way to stretch a toddler’s imagination skills. And, as the art fades the painting changes and the conversation continues. It’s amazing what kids come up with!

The buddha board is great for all ages. My 4 year old nephew and I had a great time using it poolside. My two year old son always enjoys it. And, most importantly,  it is my go-to toy! I highly recommend it. The Buddha Board laptop sells for $25. Buy it now!

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