Playtex Diaper Genie II Elite

Posted by: , August 8, 2011 in 9:05 am

Diaper Genie II Elite Pail System_ BabyBefore having my first child, I never imagined how bad a baby’s poop could smell. I always assumed their only scent would resemble baby powder and sweet smelling flowers – I didn’t know they were capable of emitting an odor that could send an armed robber running for the hills.

At the very beginning it wasn’t that bad but once the baby started eating food, all bets were off. For my family, disposing of the dirty diapers became a huge problem. We tried everything from wrapping them tightly in plastic bags to taking out the trash every few hours, but regardless there was always that lingering stench.

I had heard about those special garbage cans that contain the dirty diaper odor but it all seemed like a big gimmick and a waste of money. I guess trying to cut corners in this category wasn’t the smartest decision! I knew it was time to fix the situation and fix it fast.

Deciding to go all out, I got the Playtex Diaper Genie II Elite (a strange name for a product that hides feces?). Apparently the “Elite” is an upgraded version of its original. The big difference between the regular Diaper Genie and Elite Genie is the way in which the machine sucks up the diaper. With the Elite, all you need to do is step down on the foot pedal, drop the stinky diaper into the trap door and watch as it’s swallowed whole and whisked it away to the bottom part of the pail. Not exaggerating, it’s quite unbelievable to watch.

This product has changed my life and changed the way my house smells. First off, whoever designed the Elite was really thinking like a mom. The machine itself is tall enough so that there is no need to bend over and because of the clever foot pedal it’s completely hands-free, making it easy to hold your baby and dispose of the diaper at the same time. Also, the special double-lock feature and the multi-layer refill holds in those nasty odors and germs so that the second you drop in that dirty diaper, it’s out of sight and out of mind.

Emptying the pail is also made simple by using the internal childproof cutter and seal. It took me one time to figure it out. All you have to do is press the button on the front of the pail, find the top of the liner and pull it through the cutter then knot the bag and pull it out. Done. Once you’ve disposed of the dirty bag in your outside trash (and make sure it’s WAYYYY outside?), to get a clean new liner, just pull down the next refill and tie a knot at the bottom. Smart and effortless, the way dealing with diapers SHOULD be!

You won’t have to empty the Diaper Genie too often because it holds a whopping 270 Newborn diapers, 233 #1 diapers, 192 #2 diapers, 176 #3 diapers, 144 #4 diapers and 105 #5 diapers.

If there is one product to invest in when having a baby, I would say that the Diaper Genie should be at the top of any mother’s list. When it comes to motherhood, there are so many things that can be difficult and time consuming that changing diapers should be the least of your concerns. It’s one of those nasty tasks that we simply cannot ignore so making it that much more of a pleasurable experience is totally worth the money. Had I known that one purchase could make this much of a difference, I never would’ve wasted my time with zillions of trips to the garbage in cold and rainy weather, nor would I have endured that awful smell! The Genie has definitely impacted our lives, all for the better—Now I know why it has that name!

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