Safety 1st Travel Ease Elite Play Yard

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Safety 1st Travel Ease Elite Play Yard, Orion_ BabyTraveling with an infant is not an easy task.  I can’t decide if it’s the maddening job of packing, then the endless unpacking, the throwing off of their sleep schedule or just the lack of being in ‘your own space’, but every time we travel, it seems to be more of an inconvenience than anything else.  When we finally arrive home I usually feel like I need a vacation from my ‘vacation’.

At home, everything is easier when it comes to dealing with your kids. You have your playroom with all of their toys, your changing station stocked with a supply of diapers, wipes and creams and your bassinet and crib each set up with their accompanying sleep sheep and mobiles, all to insure a restful and peaceful sleep, for everyone.  On the road, this is basically impossible to achieve.

It wasn’t until later, when I was venting to a friend of mine about my most recent trip back home that I finally figured out the error of my ways.  She had been patiently listening to my barrage of negativity when she finally stopped me and very nonchalantly asked a simple question—“Do you have a Travel Play Yard?”  Staring blankly at her in confusion, I swallowed hard and said no.

Soon after I got the Safety 1st Travel Ease Play Yard and I immediately realized I had been making my life much more difficult than necessary. Since then our trips have been painless, enjoyable and most importantly, relaxing.
The Safety 1st Travel Play Yard makes it possible to stick to your child’s routine by mimicking their home environment.

First off, this pack n play can be used as a play yard for play time, a changing table for baby care, and a full-size bassinet for sleep time—it’s like having everything you need in one neat little package. With plenty of storage space, there is room for all of my baby’s necessities such as his diapers, body products, extra toys and even some clothes.  Just this little perk of having everything so conveniently close makes changing him so simple—I actually feel like I’m in his nursery, not in a random hotel room!

When it comes to nap-time, the bassinet part of the Play Yard is also super spacious and so soft that my son is totally able to get a peaceful and comfortable sleep.  Before having the Play Yard, I used to create a make-shift bed for him, made from blankets and pillows—this didn’t always work and often times he’d be restless and later, cranky!  Playtime is also made simple and fun. There is a removable toy bar with three adorable toys so that he can stay entertained and amused—I just plop him in the Play Yard and I don’t have to worry about him getting into unchartered territory!

Even more importantly, the compact folding design makes it really simple to take the Play Yard from place to place- whether you’re going to visit the grandparents across the country, or just transitioning from the nursery to the TV room! Two wheels make it portable enough that you don’t need to take it apart just to move it to another room, and when you’re in that busy airport and need to take it down in a hurry, folding it up is a cinch and a handy carry bag keeps it compact and makes transporting it a breeze J

Lastly, the quality and style of the Safety 1st Play Yard is by far the best on the market.  Not only are the color and design options elegant, but the actual construction itself is fantastic.  It is durable and sturdy and leaves you feeling 100% confident that your child is safe at all times.  The versatility and the three amazing functions of this Play Yard make purchasing this product a no-brainer.  Since having it, traveling has been so much easier and I honestly regret not owning it earlier.  I would tell ANY parent who travels with their kids to go out and buy the Safety 1st Travel Play Yard- you will not be sorry!

You can purchase your Safety 1st Play Yard at:

Retail Price is just $109.99 !!!


* Full-size bassinet maximizes your infant’s comfort when sleeping
* Easily move the play yard without scratching your floors with the wheels on one end of  the play yard
* Elevated, easy-reach changing table
* Convenient diaper changes are easy with the padded changer with wipeable surface
* Extra-deep storage shelf
* Removable toy bar with three soft toys included
* Quick setup and tear down for your convenience/ compact folding design
* The carry bag provides protection while in transit and ease of storage

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