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I admit– I went a little overboard when I had my first baby; I bought every swing, bouncer, walker and activity center known to man. Overwhelmed by all of the different baby merchandise out there and confused as to what I really needed to entertain my child, I began to feel like a bad mother if I didn’t buy it all.  My husband got on my case, angrily waving bills in the air as if it was Flag day, claiming that our baby didn’t know the difference from one toy to the next.  But it wasn’t until I was mistaken for an employee at Babies R Us, not once but twice, (due to my frequent visits), that I realized I had truly gone crazy.

The truth is, my husband was right- our child didn’t need all of these things. So with the birth of my third baby, I was determined to be a minimalist.  I tried to think back to my all-time favorite piece of baby gear—that one item that had lasted for more than just the typical one- month mark, (when your child gets bored and needs to move onto something new).  What instantly came to mind was the ExerSaucer by Evenflo. Unlike other merchandise, the ExerSaucer seemed to be the only thing they didn’t quickly outgrow, and that actually grew with my kids.  So when I heard that there was a newer version of the traditional ExerSaucer called the “Jump & Learn”, I knew I had to have it.

I received the Jump & Learn in the mail just a few days later and immediately put it into action with my 5 month old daughter.  After seeing her use the ExerSaucer for just one week, I was truly blown away.  It is so much more than just an entertaining “toy”—it is an active learning center!  The Jump & Learn was created along with the Child Development Institute and was cleverly designed to exercise both the body and the mind.  With the use of 55 different shapes, colors, textures and sounds, the ExerSaucer literally helps your baby reach a variety of developmental milestones.

And, while your baby is busy learning, she’s also busy strengthening those tiny legs, back and neck muscles too! Think of the ExerSaucer as a modern version of the walker crossed with a bouncy seat. Similar to a walker, it allows your baby to move its muscles and practice standing up, but because it is stationary, the baby can’t travel around the room, which eliminates the concern that your little one will fall down the stairs, or stumble into dangerous household items. Comparable to the bouncy seat, the added springs in this newer model allows your baby to bounce, spin and rock, but also provides a safe zone for your baby to “exercise”. To me, this feels like I’m getting two products for the price of one.

All of the features of the Jump & Learn were very well thought out, with each “play thing” offering a different kind of entertainment and use. For example, the dragonfly has the perfect wings for teething, the frog’s belly is a rattle that spins and when his head or arms are moved, the top of the bar holds dangling cusion-like critters to encourage reaching, the apples on the bar light up when your baby masters the art of “pulling”, the sunflower laughs and doubles as a mirror when it is flipped up and the fuzzy cattails provide an interesting texture for your baby to experience.  With all of these elements, it’s no wonder that my daughter can stay busy for hours.

Lastly, here’s why you get more bang for your buck:  Firstly, the toys on the ExerSaucer are removable, which means that they are replaceable.  The ability to constantly introduce new toys basically ensures that your baby will never grow bored because the entertainment will always be updated according to your child’s development.  Secondly, the 3-Position Height Adjustments accommodates your growing baby longer, allowing your baby to use the ExerSaucer longer than you probably expected.

I honestly cannot say enough about this product. Having a safe and smart place for my daughter to play while I make work calls, take care of household chores and deal with my other two kids, is a huge help for me.  I feel better knowing that when I plop her into the ExerSaucer, that she’ll actually be learning something all while staying entertained.  The different textured toys, bright colors and the various sounds offer endless entertainment, keeping her busy and engaged all while keeping mommy happy too.  If there is one product that you should buy for your growing baby, it’s the ExerSaucer Jump & Learn.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


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