Phil & Ted's Smart Stroller with Peanut Bassinet

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smart buggy + peanut bassinet | phil & teds online shopAfter having four children, I can say with complete confidence that when it comes to children’s strollers, there are very few that I haven’t owned. Whether it was the Maclaren, the Bugaboo, the Orbit, or the Peg Perego, with each passing year, despite my desperate attempts to hold firm and save money, I would always fall into that same old trap of needing the “new and improved” stroller that was becoming all the rage. 

Always finding a reason to justify spending thousands of dollars on what I believed was “the best” for my baby had led me down a dark path of impracticality and left me with a garage meant for a family of twenty-five.

So, with 2012 approaching and another (yes, I said another) child on the way, I decided it was time to start early with my new years resolution and vowed not to buy another pricey, huge and unwieldy stroller.  Of course, not wanting to deny my youngest the luxury of being pushed around in a quality piece of merchandise, rather than not buy one at all, I opted instead to be more “smart” with my choice of purchase.

To my surprise, there was one very well known and respected brand that I had never tried:  Phil & Ted’s.  How had I gone this long and had THIS many kids and not have owned one of their strollers?!  Sticking to my guns and reminding myself of my promise, I did some research to find out if their products fit my criteria.  Review after review had me convinced and within one week I was the proud owner of a Phil & Ted’s Smart Stroller with Peanut Bassinet!

In purchasing the Smart Bundle, I honestly believe that I kept up my end of the “bargain”- no pun intended.  Not only is the Smart Bundle fairly priced (compared to most other strollers), retailing at $360, it also is a wise choice for the long run, being that it can accommodate your newborn all the way through the toddler phase.  That’s at least four years of using the same stroller!

Price aside, I’ve also found the Smart Bundle to be extremely versatile and resourceful.

Basically, Phil & Ted’s took their two smartest travel-friendly products and combined them into one brilliant stroller.  “Bundled” together are the Smart Buggy and the Peanut Bassinet, creating a stroller that is easy to navigate because of its small size, super portable because of its lightweight aluminum frame and ultra comfortable for your little one with having the option to sleep lying down, or spy sitting up!

If you’re looking for a stroller that is portable and that will conveniently fit in tight places then this for you. The Smart Bundle is so sleek and so compact, that I often forget I’m pushing my child around the city. The airless tires give a smooth ride on the uneven streets. The single action slide-to-fold functionality ensures a compact fold for convenient storage, making it simple to hold your baby while closing up the stroller and plopping it in your trunk for an easy fit.

Not only does the Smart Bundle have a cool stylish look, but it’s also super comfortable for your little one. For obvious reasons it’s crucial to have a cozy stroller seat.  There’s nothing worse than strolling an antsy child around town when you’re miles and miles from being home and the people at Phil & Teds considered this when designing their seat for the Bundle.  The state-of-the-art aerocore seat is made of a foam-like material, giving it that ultra-supportive cushioning that will give your baby a comfortable ride.  I have been able to stroll with my son for hours without him making a peep and I attribute this to the snug and relaxing design of the bundle.  The material is hypo-allergenic, ventilating, AND waterproof, making it a cinch to clean! Key for messy babies! Additionally, the sun hood is made of a sun-protective fabric that blocks up to 98.5% of harmful UV rays, so when your child is sleeping, he’s not getting a tan.

Aside from the fact that the actual stroller rocks, the peanut bassinet really pushes this product over the edge.  For me, having a bassinet is a must.  I like my children to be able to take naps while I’m running errands- after all a woman on the go means having a kid on the go as well!  The Peanut Bassinet is like having the comfort of your baby’s crib, on wheels.  It’s made of a breathable, cushy, soft fabric and has a contoured, lie-flat design.  Attaching the bassinet is super easy as well– simply click it into the Smart buggy with one snap and voila!  Detaching the bassinet is virtually done with the same ease, allowing you to take your baby from the stroller to the house without waking him or her up. And it’s safe too – it has the must-have 5 point safety harness with slide & lock harness adjustment to comfortably accommodate your growing baby.

I must admit, Phil & Ted knew what they were doing when they created the Smart Bundle.  I’m so used to having to buy multiple parts, zillions of adapters and endless “add ons” just to make one stroller work for all of my needs. Never, in my ten years of having kids, have I found a product that combines all the necessities into one convenient product.

It’s time to buy the last stroller you will ever need – Phil & Ted’s Smart Stroller with Peanut Bassinet. Buy it now!

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