Princess Expressions Bunny Tutu Costume

Posted by: , October 15, 2011 in 12:34 pm

bunny costumeParents don’t have to dress up to enjoy Halloween. My husband thinks I had kids solely so I could put them in the Halloween costumes of my choice. Well that is until my kids began to have their own opinions which unfortunately comes sooner than you think.

My middle daughter is my girly-girl. She can’t get enough of pink and the fuller the tutu is… the more she spins. She wanted to be a pink princess AGAIN this year for Halloween. I had to do something. Last year’s Wizard of Oz theme was a fiasco. My oldest was thrilled to be Dorothy. The baby couldn’t speak so who knows if she wanted to be Toto. It doesn’t really matter because the pink princess ruined the whole thing.

My daughter agreed to be something else besides a princess but it had to include a pink tutu. I had my marching orders. Princess Expressions by Almar Bunny Tutu Costume is so cute that I was on board the minute I saw it. It comes with a pouffy pink chiffon tutu with little cotton tail bow on the back and an adorable pink bunny ear headband.

The tutu is elastic so the costume is sized for most 3-6 year olds. It’s a comfortable, simple outfit that would be fun for any tutu loving little girl. My daughter likes it so much she couldn’t wait for Halloween. She’s been wearing it around the house for days. My only problem now is trying to convince my oldest daughter to be a magician.

Now’s your chance to win a Princess Expressions Bunny Tutu Costume (retail value: $28) for your little one! Follow us on twitter and stay tuned. We’ll be giving away one costume this week!


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