Cartoons Can Make You a Better Parent

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metal3 Cartoons Can Make You a Better ParentThis is whole being a parent thing can suck. Well, not all the time but there are moments when it really, really sucks. Like when we should have left for school 5 minutes ago and only one kid is dressed, no one can find their shoes, one kid used his hand to wipe his poopy butt because God forbid anyone but me change the toilet paper. 

I am yelling at top of my lungs for pants to be put on, breakfast to be shoved down throats and for Hayden to find his library book because we already lost two books and I am not loosing another one because I am already on the shit list of the school media specialist.

Yeah, its moments like that where I just want to give up and crawl back into bed and just forget all about being a parent.

Sadly, that is not an option. I must carry on.

But help can be found sometimes in the most unexpected places as my husband showed me.

Now that Hayden is 7, he has out grown the cartoons on the Disney Junior and begs to watch shows on Cartoon Network like Pokemon and Beyblades.

For those of you have don’t have boys who are interested in Beyblades, let me tell you a little bit about them.

Beyblades is a cartoon show that was created in Japan. Its along the same lines as Pokemon but instead of using little creatures to battle each other, they use ‘Beys’. Each Bey uses different abilities to defeat one another. If an ability is to be used during a battle, the person controlling the bey must say, “Ability Activate….” and then the specific ability that the bey has.

It’s really weird but very popular with young boys.  If you don’t know about this, then consider yourself lucky and warned. It may be coming.

Here is how this cartoon show, weird and annoying as it may be, has saved my mornings. One morning when it was time for us to leave for school, I told the kids to find their shoes.

Of course no one heard me because they were all engrossed one activity or another or just ignoring me like usual so I did what I always do and yelled at them to get their shoes.

Again, nothing.

Jeff walked into the kitchen and smiled at me.

“Here, lets try this,” he said. “ABILITY ACTIVATE, FIND YOUR SHOES!”

Suddenly, all four of my children’s head whiped around away from the TV and they focused on their father.


I watched in amazement as my children left the room and found their shoes.Beyblades 2002 jap front Cartoons Can Make You a Better Parent

Holy crap, this was awesome!

“I want to try,” I said to Jeff. “ABILITY ACTIVATE, turn the TV off.”

And again, a child moved and turned the TV off.

I was stunned. Could the secret to having a successful morning that doesn’t include yelling my head off be to treat my children as Beyblades?

I tried again, “ABILITY ACTIVATE, get your backpacks.”

All the kids went to the closest and pulled out their backpacks.

Freaking sweet!


“Mom,” Hayden whined at me, “Are you going to say that all the time?”

“Yeah, mommy. Stop it,” Claire said.

“ABILITY ACTIVATE, Get in the car!” I said with a smirk on my face.

“Mom, stop!” Hayden yelled.

“Yeah stop is mommy,” all three triplets repeated.

I didn’t say another word because by now everyone was in the car with shoes one, tummies full and back packs accounted for.

Stop saying, “ABILITY ACTIVATE”, I think not.


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