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Mutsy 4Rider Stroller, Cargo Grey_ BabyRather than being the person that buys “popular” merchandise, I like to consider myself someone who is always on the cutting edge and setting trends.  I get great satisfaction from spotting those unique items that seem completely outrageous to your everyday shopper, but then turn out being on the cover of every magazine a few months later.  Whether it’s wearing a pair of “wild” pumps or sporting that “wacky” new hairstyle, everything that I can possibly identify as fresh and innovative is what I like to strive for, even when it comes to purchasing baby products.

A few months ago, I was in the market for a stroller.  With a new baby on the way and my old stroller collecting dust and in need of major updating, I began my search.  Bored of those clunky and ever-so-popular strollers that you see time and time again, (like a pair of brown Uggs), I knew I wanted to find a stroller that was not only functional, but that was also original, forward-looking and perhaps even slightly revolutionary.

There were two words that I used in my web search that led me to the Mutsy stroller:  “Unique” and “Luxury”.  I had never heard of Mutsy, but from reading about the company I learned that it is a very well known brand from the Netherlands and was recently introduced to the US market in 2007.  Right off the bat, I loved the idea that this stroller was just making its way over to the US.  The buzz from overseas was amazing and judging from the looks of this slick and modern stroller, I knew I had found my winner.

When it comes to baby strollers, there is no doubt that this is the best product out there. Its uncomplicated operation sets it apart both visually and functionally and after only a few weeks of owning this stroller, I can’t believe that not everyone on the street is pushing a Mutsy. I could rave about the 4 Rider for hours, but I’ll try to keep this concise and to the point.

For starters, the color options and the fact that this is still a growing brand help distinguish you from the rest of the pack.  The Mutsy comes in a variety of pallets that I haven’t really seen on other strollers: Champagne, Cargo Grey, Coffee, Charcoal, Lime, etc.  Also, the physical design of The Mutsy 4Rider is awesome. It has a sophisticated feel and is sporty at the same time. An aluminum frame with trendy steel-rimmed single spoke wheels and swiveling front pneumatic tires provide an ultra-smooth ride on almost every type of terrain, making your child’s experience in the stroller that of a high-end luxury vehicle.  Whether I’m pushing my baby on dirt pathways, on the grass, on a beach or even in rough cobblestone streets, I never ever have had an issue with maneuvering the Mutsy.

There are a few features of the 4Rider that I find particularly fantastic for those of us who are usually alone left to do most of the pushing, packing up, etc.  One is the clickable mechanism which enables me, and JUST me, to switch the seat from a front-facing to rear-facing position in less than 10 seconds. This comes in very handy for when I need to make a quick switch and there is no one nearby to help. Also, with a quick snap, I’m able to switch out the stroller seat to accommodate the infant car seat or even the bassinet.  The front wheels are easily locked in place by flipping a switch underneath the step-up plate on the front and when it comes to actually closing the stroller, all it takes is one simple click.  The frame folds and unfolds with ease by simply moving the push handle downwards and moving the safety handle upwards.  Once folded, the frame is compact and able to stand upright for easy storage. Again, a great feature for when there is one person having to put the stroller in a car, trunk, etc.

Another convenient feature for parents is the 4 Rider’s adjustable handlebar. The handle extends easily into four positions with a single push of a button, so that anyone at any height, can be comfortable pushing the baby. (Also, the 4Rider’s handlebars remain sturdy even when set at the highest position). And when pushing the stroller, you’ll find that it’s lighter than one would expect.  I’m actually able to steer the 4Rider with only a couple of fingers instead of both hands!

The Seat recline also offers multiple positions, with head enclosure and leg support, including the ability to lay your baby completely flat. This was especially useful for those times that I didn’t have the bassinet.  Also, a little plus is that the seat is constructed from padded nylon so it makes it super easy to clean which is key for those nasty spills.

Another huge plus is the amount of years and use you can get out of the 4 Rider. I know that when looking for a new stroller, I wanted to find one that would grow with me AND my baby. Holding upwards of 55lbs, the Mutsy can be used for babies and up to larger toddlers. 

There are a variety of accessories that can be purchased to accommodate your Mutsy that are also fantastic- including a step up board to accommodate another passenger, as well as a nursery board, foot muff, rain cover, dinner tray, sun canopy, parasol, and additional shopping bag. The car seat adapter is also for purchase via Mutsy and as with all Mutsy stroller frames, the 4 Rider accommodates 16 different seats, allowing for your own personal customization.

My experience with the Mutsy 4 Rider has been amazing and I would highly recommend purchasing this stroller if you are looking for a complete infant to toddler stroller system that is not only luxurious, but can be used anywhere, anytime, on any terrain.

The engineering and style set this stroller apart from every other one on the road. And where I used to be stopped by people on the street asking me where I got my shoes or purse, I’m now being asked what brand my stroller is!  OK fine, perhaps it’s not as glamorous, but at least I know that I’ve still got something going on! $575

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