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flor2 FLOR CarpetIt’s the greatest thing since sliced bread if your bread could slice itself and clean up the crumbs. FLOR has created beautiful carpet squares of soft, thick, plush fabric that are durable, attractive and reasonably priced. Nothing this revolutionary has come to your playroom since the princess castle and the ball pit. But this is practical and economically sensible – a stunning combination.

The FLOR carpets are available in a vast array of colors, textures and styles. The reason they are perfect for playrooms is that FLOR carpets come as individual pieces of carpet so when your kid spills Gatorade or knocks over the easel (or doesn’t make it to the potty in time) and that square cannot be cleaned, it can be replaced. Your carpet has found the fountain of youth. It will never look old and scrubby because the cost of keeping it fresh is minimal.

FLOR rugs can go anywhere because their innovative system of carpet squares allows for any configuration. FLOR squares can be used to create custom rugs, runners or wall designs that are comfortable and practical. Other carpets need nails, padding or glue but FLOR squares connect together with ingenious FLORdots which are stickers that can be easily removed and replaced.

flor3 FLOR CarpetI can’t think of many things my kids enjoy more than sprawling out on the floor while they stack their favorite building blocks, or flip through their favorite book, or veg in front of their favorite TV show – the point is the sprawl. They seem able to do it anywhere, but I prefer a surface that is inviting for little limbs. My three year old is apparently allergic to chairs so sliding off them onto the floor is a rather frequent occurrence in our home.

Of course kids tend to make a mess where ever they are and leave it behind. Yesterday we played playdoh, today we blew bubbles, tomorrow perhaps finger-painting. The world is your oyster when you don’t have to worry about ruining the carpet. The promise of our indestructible FLOR is an impetus for creativity. Check out all your great options at the FLOR website.

Enter for a chance to win a 5×7 FLOR rug (12 tiles of your choice)! (Retail Value: $200) Tell us your latest imperfect parenting moment!

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