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grobag  150x150 GrobagEvery morning, for weeks, whenever I would go into my son’s room to retrieve him from his crib, I would find him with his tiny pajamas coming off of his body. His arm would have escaped or sometimes his leg. My husband, who found this amusing, was convinced that at just four months old, our little Charlie was the next Houdini. I was not laughing.

Finding my son in this predicament day after day had my mind racing with disturbing thoughts. What if Charlie had gotten tangled in his clothing, or worse, tossed his shirt on top of his face and couldn’t breath?! For some, these could be considered crazy thoughts, but for a mom, it made scary sense. Not to mention, his pajama predicament was waking him up in the middle of the night too. I was determined to end this strippers party and figure out a solution.

I had heard about sleeping bags and sleep sacs for babies, but had yet to try one with Charlie. He never liked being swaddled so I figured having his legs constricted would issue the same bad reaction. But at this point I was desperate to make sure that Charlie’s clothes stayed on during the night so I opted to give it a go.

My best friend, who lives in London and has three kids of her own, told me about a baby sleep bag called, “The Grobag”. She said they were super popular abroad and perhaps I should try it. Days later, I opened my mailbox to find that she had sent me one! Talk about being proactive?! Eager to see what all the hype was about, I quickly ripped open the package. I was in disbelief. Sitting there in front of me was what looked like a full on nightgown, (and might I add a very feminine nightgown) about four feet in length- I guess they weren’t exaggerating when they said “sleeping bag”. Within minutes I was on the phone with my friend in London, confessing my confusion, asking her how this thing could possibly be worn by a six month old let alone a boy!!? She promised me it would solve all of my concerns and help my son sleep. Easy for her to say, all the way from London.

When I think back to that day, I almost laugh to myself, because I’m now a proud owner of six Grobags. They have literally changed the way my son sleeps and have honestly given me peace of mind. There are so many reasons why I love the Grobag. First off, I don’t need to worry about Charlie kicking off his clothes in the middle of the night. The Grobag is pretty impossible for a child to take off himself, featuring a toddler-proof zip-click zipper and a snap button that goes right over the zipper pull. Secondly, it keeps Charlie cozy and warm during the night. It actually comes in different fabric weights to fit the season or the temperature you keep the room at. I happen to have one for every season, but it’s not necessary—If you buy the lightweight Grobag, you can totally just layer the clothes your baby wears underneath.

And lastly, I really think that since using the Grobag, Charlie has slept better overall. The second we put it on he knows it’s time for bedtime. Once he’s in his crib, I’ve noticed that he doesn’t toss and turn as much as he used to. Perhaps it’s the feeling of security, or maybe using the same “sleep uniform” has helped him ease into sleep? Whatever the reason, I’m thrilled!

The Grobag is made of 100% cotton interlock and  super soft cotton jersey lining. It is available in 0-6 mos, 6-18 mos, and 18-36 mos. Buy it now!

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