Magical Parenting Power

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boy and his dad swinging 1024x768 Magical Parenting PowerWould you believe that some people think that I am a parenting expert? They even ask me for advice. Recently, I was asked what my biggest challenge as a parent was. I paused for a moment, sat back in my chair and smiled. “You silly little person,” I began, “I don’t have challenges as a parent. I am perfect and know what I am doing at every second of the day.”


Sorry, I had to pause there because I was laughing so hard that it was difficult to type.

People, that statement is so far from the truth that is should come with a disclaimer that before it’s read, a voice comes on and says, “Warming, what you are about to read is false and will probably make you cry.”

I am not any type of parenting expert. In fact, I think that being a parent is one of the most difficult things that I have ever done in my whole life. Saving people’s lives at work in the ICU is easier than raising and caring for my children.

So it goes without saying that there are plenty of challenges when it comes to being a parenting. I guess if I had to pick just the biggest parenting challenge, I am going to say my husband.

Yup, that’s right.

Now don’t get all annoyed with me and think this is just a blog post about a lazy husband because it’s not.

Jeff is an amazing dad. He loves the kids and they love him. From the moment Hayden was born and we became parents, we have been a team and our team was made even stronger when we were presented with triplets. If Jeff and I were not a united front our children would have eaten us alive and we would have failed.

No, Jeff is a great father and partner but he is also my greatest challenge as a parent because no matter how much I discipline, yell, scream or dance around in a chicken suit at the kids, I just don’t get the same reaction Jeff does.

The kids have this habit of taking off their socks and leaving them all around the house. This drives me insane because – 1. the socks never end up in the laundry, get lost and then are not there when the kids need them. And 2. well, there are dirty socks all over the house and who wants to live like that?

Hayden had just come in from outside and after taking off his shoes, he took off his socks and left them in the kitchen.

“Hayden,” I said as he started down the stairs to play, “Please pick up your socks and put them away.”

Nothing. The only thing that was heard was the noise of the video game that Hayden just turned on.

“HAYDEN!” I called.


“Hayden!” Jeff said, “Come and get your socks!”

I scoffed  because there was no way Hayden could have heard him.

But then the most amazing thing happened. It was as if Hayden suddenly was able to move at the speed of light for he appeared in the kitchen, grabbed his socks and then ran down the stairs again.

Jeff smiled at me and began to walk out of the kitchen.

“Wait a minute,” I said, “Let me get this straight. You used your normal tone, asked him once and he appeared just like that to get his socks?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Jeff said.

“I hate you” I said, “And it is not fair! I sometimes have to scream my head off to get him to hear me and even then I would have gotten no response and ended up picking up the damn socks myself.”

Jeff just looked and me and shrugged, “Sorry, babe.”

“Yeah, I know but I still hate you,” I said, “You and your magical parenting power.”

And that is my biggest challenge as a parent.

I guess maybe the women who say, “Just wait until your dad gets home, then you are going to get it” are onto something.


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